Engineering, Quality & Innovation Are the Key Factors for Shred-Tech’s Enduring Success

Shred-Tech Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of shredding and recycling systems. Headquartered in Cambridge-Ontario, Canada, Shred-Tech has manufacturing and sales facilities located throughout the world including Raleigh-North Carolina, Bedford-England, Chonburi-Thailand, Melbourne-Australia and Okinawa-Japan.

The company’s journey began in the late 1970’s producing stationary two-shaft shredders for a wide range of manufacturing plant-based applications. By the middle of the next decade, Shred-Tech had developed one of the world’s first mobile shredding trucks, designed to shred confidential office paper and documents on-site.

Fast forward 40 years, Shred-Tech now has well over 6,000 shredding and recycling systems installed worldwide, and are recognized globally for their first-class products as well as commitment to engineering, innovation and quality. With shredders in daily use around the world, servicing over 31 countries, Shred-Tech equipment is helping customers reduce costs, generate revenue and protect the environment. Shred-Tech has been “Thinking Green since Day One”.

Shred-Tech’s field of expertise includes but is not limited to, secure mobile document destruction, cardboard shredding, electronic waste, white goods, wood waste, plastics, tire shredding, metal recycling, medical waste, construction and demolition debris and green waste.

All Shred-Tech shredding systems can be configured with application specific knife design, cutting chamber size, horsepower, feed and discharge rates to suit the customer’s requirements. Customers oftentimes approach Shred-Tech with a problem that many competitors haven’t been able to solve. With their broadly skilled in-house engineering team, they are able to work closely with the sales department and the customer to find a viable solution. Coupled with a vigorous quality control process, in-house assembly and manufacturing, Shred-Tech builds and manufactures the world’s best shredding and recycling systems.

Through Shred-Tech’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations and burning desire to build the best products, they have been able to achieve continued growth and success. Shred-Tech is recognized for their achievements by being a recipient of one of Canada’s prestigious awards for Business