August 25, 2011


Pages from the Green Bay Packers playbook flew out of a waste management truck earlier this week in the city of Green Bay. Deputy Jason Vogel was just running radar on Highway 57 when he noticed a bunch of papers flying out of the back of the waste management truck. When Vogel stopped to pickup the papers he realized he had something quite unusual and probably not for all eyes to see. The papers were from the Packers special teams playbook from Friday night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

“I notified a sergeant and told him what I had and that we might need to notify some people.”

It took crews from Brown County Waste Management and the Allouez Street Department about an hour to bag things up.

The Packers declined an on-camera interview but said they were not too concerned about the playbook mishap as important discharged plays are sent through a shredder for recycle use.

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