July 3, 2013

Global Recycling Solutions Ltd., trading as Shred-Tech UK, are pleased to announce delivery of an MDX-1 High Security Shredder to DataSafe Storage, based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

DataSafe Storage has been established in the ‘Information Management’ business since 1991. They have been offering off-site secure confidential destruction from the beginning, but thought it was about time they provided their clients with the best, most up to date on-site solution.

“I was President of PRISM International in 2006 and therefore very close to NAID and its members. It was a couple of these members, on both sides of the Atlantic that recommended Shred-Tech to me. We have since taken delivery of our Shred-Tech 18T MDX-1H and are extremely pleased with the shredding performance, along with after-sales service support offered by Global Recycling Solutions Ltd” commented Kevin Bell.

Peter Banks, Managing Director of Shred-Tech UK, commented that the vehicle will enable Datasafe Storage to provide ‘high capacity’ shredding with a throughput of up to 2,950 kg per hour while in standard mode, producing a 15.3mm strip shred. At the touch of a button and ‘on the fly’, the operator can change over to the ultra ‘high security’ mode in just 4 seconds. The shredder will then produce a cross cut shred that has been certified to Level P-3 on the DIN 66399 shredding standards. Level P-3 is for Very High Protection for Confidential and Top Secret Data which if disclosed could have terminal consequences for a Company or Government Entity, and have a health and safety or personal freedom risk to individuals. In this mode throughput is up to 1,150 kg per hour. The vehicle has a payload up to 6,000 kg.

Shred-Tech just keeps on going with their long line of innovations. With the introduction of the ‘MDS-2’ into the U.K. market, increasing throughput on the standard MDS range by 25% and the ‘Static STX-1’, which works exactly the same as the shredding system in the MDX-1, the sky is the limit for Shred-Tech.