May 7, 2008


Shred-Tech announces new beverage container destruction system

BCS-50 system destroys and separates liquid product from solid aluminum and plastic packaging materials, reducing costs and increasing recyclability

Cambridge, ON – May 7, 2008 – Shred-Tech, a world leader in information destruction and recycling systems including mobile and plant-based shredding systems, today announced the availability of the BCS-50 beverage container destruction system.

Custom designed specifically for the bottling industry, the BCS-50 system destroys and separates liquid product from solid aluminum and plastic packaging materials, allowing the highest possible levels of recycling and cost reduction for beverage manufacturers.

“Shred-Tech understands the needs of our customers, and we pride ourselves in designing destruction and recycling systems that meet our customers’ industry-specific requirements,” said Rob Glass, CEO of Shred-Tech. “We see the beverage industry as one of the most environmentally advanced when it comes to recycling materials, and we’re pleased to be a partner in this effort.”

Shred-Tech engineers have designed the BCS-50 knife profile and configuration for maximum throughput of 15,000 pounds per hour and optimum liquid separation. Several design refinements also have been incorporated into the system’s STST-50 shredder, which simplify maintenance and increase shredder durability. False walls at either end of the cutting chamber provide excellent bearing and seal protection, as well as sectional cleaning fingers. A lightweight end door ensures that disassembly of the cutting chamber is quick and easy.

Because of the corrosive nature of many beverages, Shred-Tech uses the highest quality and resistant finishes, including stainless steel, powder coat and galvanized finishes. The BCS-50 system is also easy to clean and includes water spray nozzles at key points throughout the system.

Additionally, the Shred-Tech hex shaft drive system offers the highest knife tip force of any equivalent shredder on the market. The unique design of the BCS-50’s hex shafts, which are several times stronger than a keyed shaft, maximizes the knife placement options and allows for easy knife removal and machine maintenance.

As with all Shred-Tech destruction and recycling systems, safety is of utmost importance. The BCS-50 has a fully enclosed tipper with a safety access door ensuring that there will be no “reach in” hazards.

Designed by certified Shred-Tech technicians, the BCS-50 control panel features illuminated function buttons, keyed power switch, fused lockable disconnect, hour meter and a programmable logic controller for various shredder functions including knife reversal upon overload. The BCS-50 can also be customized with optional features including:

  • PLC interfacing for peripheral equipment
  • Discharge conveyors
  • Modem capabilities
  • Voltage range
  • Additional spray nozzles

As one of the industry’s leading destruction system manufacturers and a pioneer in the document destruction industry, Shred-Tech is recognized globally for its innovative products and solutions and commitment to quality, customer service and environmentally-conscious practices.

About Shred-Tech
Shred-Tech is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of mobile and plant-based document destruction and recycling systems. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Shred-Tech prides itself in manufacturing quality shredding products, providing environmentally friendly and profitable business opportunities for entrepreneurs and a solution to identity theft. The company manufactures nearly 200 mobile shredder trucks a year and in 2008 will have approximately 2,000 of its trucks on the road in North America. For more information about Shred-Tech, visit