When shred size matters most.






The MDX-Line is revolutionary! Ultra high security with the press of a button, throughput and payload up to 6,500 lbs/hr and 13,000 lbs.

*Product specifications subject to change without notice.


PennyThe Patent Pending MDX Mobile Shredding Units are revolutionary dual mode systems. They are able to be switched between standard and high security modes at the touch of a button. When operating in standard mode the bulletproof ST-15H shredder achieves up to 6,500 lbs/hr of throughput. Activating the high security mode produces an incredibly small DIN certified shred size while maintaining impressive throughput. Shred-Tech’s MDX-Line features the first high security Mobile Shredding Units which do not rely on screens or moving additional shredders in and out of position. This makes these systems user friendly, reliable, easy to service and cost effective.
As with all Shred-Tech Mobile Shredding Units MDX trucks are equipped with the prioprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® loading system. This system allows for easy ground or curb level loading of any industry standard container. Shred-Tech was the first company to offer a retractable bin tunnel and this important feature has been included on this model. The bin tunnel works with the Gripper Tipper® to provide a safe working environment and to protect your customers’ secure information during the loading process.
The state of the art Plus 1® micro-control system offers many advantages. It works in concert with the standard shredder and paper area cameras to provide real time video of the shredding process. This allows for the operator to monitor the process and customers to witness the destruction of their sensitive information. Additionally the Plus 1® system communicates with the truck chassis to provide information and allow for the remote start and stop capability. It also provides shredding system performance data and can individually actuate each system component in maintenance mode. You don’t have to guess what is happening with your Shredding Truck when it has the Plus 1® system, you’ll know.
MDX trucks come equipped with Shred-Tech’s twin-screw angled compactor design and durable moving floor unloading system. Together, these features ensure maximum payload of up to 13,000 lbs and rapid discharge of shredded materials in a few minutes, equating to more time on-route shredding paper and generating revenue.
MDX trucks meets the EPA’s strict new emissions standards and operates on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) or B5 biodiesel fuel. They are equipped with Shred-Tech’s innovative predictive idle feature with auto shutdown and remote panel start/stop functionality. Predictive idle senses the shredder loads and shuts down the system once it has finished shredding. Using the Plus 1® system the operator can control this feature to strike the perfect balance between fuel savings and operational efficiency.

ST-15 Primary
      Throughput up to (lbs/hr) 6,500 6,500 4,500
      Particle Size/Security Level NAID AAA NAID AAA DIN P2/up to S3
MDX Secondary
      Throughput up to (lbs/hr) 2,500 1,000 1,200+
      Particle Size /Security Level DIN P3/up to S4 DIN P4/up to S4 DIN P4/up to S4
Length 31′
Width 8′
Height 13′
Chassis GVW 33,000 lbs
Legal Payload Capacity, up to** 13,000 lbs
Drive Hydraulic
Number of Motors (1) ST-15 (1) X-1
Horsepower (114) ST-15 (84) X-1
Knife Thickness (STD) 7/16” (11.6 mm) 3/8” (9.3 mm) 3/8” (9.3 mm)
Knife Diameter 6.9”
Hex Size 2 11/16”
Distance Between Shafts 5 7/8”
Cutting Chamber 21”x14”
Shred-Tech® Model ST-15H & Model X-1 High Security Shredder S
Auger Compactor S
Bridgeless Feed Hopper (Aluminum) S
Patented Retractable Bin Tunnel & Gripper Tipper® S
Hydraulic Reservoir (36 US Gallons) S
Main Control Panel c/w Micro Controller S
Remote Operator Control – Video Monitoring S
Drive Configuration – PTO/Hydraulic S
Safety and Maintenance Training at Shred-Tech S
Active Floor Unloading Floor System S
Remote Panel Engine Start/Stop S
Predictive Idol With Auto Shut Down S
Non-CDL Chassis Option Available O
Back Up Sensor O
Back Up Camera O
Weigh Scale – Portable (Certifiable as Legal for Trade) O
Tool Kit O
Painted Cab and Body (Other than White) O
Digital Video Recording System O
Strobe Light Package O
Safety & Maintenance Training – Customer Location O
Polished Aluminum Tool Box O
Remote System Diagnostics O
Hard Drive Crusher O

S = Standard   O = Option   X = Not Available

*Throughput is an estimate based on actual test data and can vary depending upon many factors, including paper type, system maintenance and operator training.

**Legal Payload Capacity is an estimate based on chassis GVWR only. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech does not guarantee throughput or payload results. DIN 66399-1: 20011-09 Per section 5.2. Original size shreds may be elevated to next highest security level with mixing & compaction up to a maximum of S4.

Paint – Cab, Body and Both (Cab only – after manufacture) Paint-colour
Electric Hydraulic Oil Tank Heater Hydraulic-Heater-full-2
Graphics Graphics
32 Gal (120 L) Cart Arm Adaptor 32-Gal-Arm-A
Hard Drive Shredder HDS-H-mounted
Portable Weight Scale – Certifiable as Legal for Trade – USA Weigh-Scale
Weigh Scale – Tipper Mounted (Not Legal for Trade) Scale-Panel
Strobe Light Package Strobe-Lights
Back-up Camera System – Comes with Stainless Steel Guard Back-up-Camera
Tool Box – Brushed Aluminum Toolbox
Wheel Chocks & Box Holders Wheel-Chocks-2
Special Order Chassis – Any manufactured chassis Truck-Logos
Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil System
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Automatic Grease System
Back-up Sensor System