Shred-Tech®’s high torque Industrial Shredders can be found in many of the world’s largest primary and secondary metal recycling and processing facilities.

Shred-Tech®’s applications range from high volume magnesium sprue & runner reduction at over 60 TPH to one of the toughest applications known, the reduction of titanium plate and sheet stock. These slow speed shear shredders reduce shred materials such as baled aluminum, bailed radiators, ACSR cable, industrial, military and consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, switching gear and more.

The high shock loads associated with shredding these metals are absorbed in our superior closed loop hydraulic system. Many top auto manufacturers and their tier 1 suppliers have standardized on Shred-Tech®’s shredding equipment for their demanding 24/7 processing needs. A Shred-Tech® hydraulic shredder will typically eliminate the need to guillotine materials prior to shredding. In doing so, throughput increases while labour, handling and maintenance costs decrease.

Case Studies
Project Model Location
Alumunum ST-1200H Ontario, Canada
ST-1200H primary shredding of baled aluminum, the secondary shredder is an ST-500H.
Magnesium ST-1200H Indiana
ST-1200H shredding magnesium castings and ingots prior to smeltering.
Steel Drums ST-500H Alberta, Canada
ST-500H Tranportable System shredding 55 gallon steel drums for volume reduction.
Steel Drums ST-500H Michigan
ST-500H shredding 55 gallon steel drums for volume reduction.
Aluminum ST-500H Ontario, Canada
ST-500H for secondary shredding of baled aluminum after an ST-1200H. The system included a magnet to remove ferrous and an eddy current to remove non-ferrous.
Titanium ST-500HS Pennsylvania
ST-500HS with 2 hydraulic motors shredding Titanium slitter balls for recycling. A taper slot classifier is used for shred size control.
Magnesium ST-150H Indiana
ST-150H shredding magnesium die cast parts prior to smeltering.
Construction Waste ST-100H New York
ST-100H Rolloff shredding aluminum and light gage steel construction waste.
Munitions ST-100E Montana
ST-100E shredding Napalm shell casings.
Munitions ST-100E Utah
ST-100E shredding large spent shell casings.
Aluminum Trim Scrap ST-75E Throught USA
Specially designed ST-75E for shredding of automotive aluminum trim scrap at stamping plants. Note the use of air-vey shredder discharge.