Complete Turnkey Systems, custom designed and manufactured by Shred-Tech®, destroy, recover and separate a wide variety of off-spec, mis-packaged and out-dated products.

Shred-Tech®’s Material Separation and Recovery / Destruction Systems are used around the world for recovering precious metals from computers and telecommunications scrap, nylon from carpet, and recyclables from MSW, just to name a few. Mis-packaged consumer products such as breakfast cereals, cosmetics, milk and juice containers, etc. are separated for onward recycling. Systems designed for destroying off-spec consumer products provide manufacturers with liability protection.

Waste disposal is a cost. Waste recovery can eliminate the cost of disposal and generate income. What is usually not factored into the disposal cost equation is the potential liability associated with a consumer obtaining an off-spec or out of date product. Shred-Tech® has the technology and experience to destroy and recycle most consumer products or safely dispose of them. Shred-Tech®’s expertise can lower disposal costs and protect against product liability claims.

Case Studies
Project Model Location
Newsprint & Cardboard ST-75E France
ST-75E shredding 5 tons per hour of mostly newsprint & some cardboard ahead of fine grinding for the manufacture of insulation.
Diapers ST-50E Japan
ST-50E shredding off spec diapers as part of a system for the recovery and recycling of the various materials.
Newsprint ST-100E Quebec, Canada
ST-100E shredding 5 tons per hour of newsprint products for recycling into insulation for buildings.
Solar Panels ST-100E Ohio
ST-100E shredding out of spec solar panels in preparation for re-manufacture. The shredder is fed via bin tipper c/w light curtain for safe, easy gateless entry. Also featured are quick replace wear plates in bin tipper & shredder hopper due to abrasive nature of the glass panels.
Returned Goods STQ-100E Utah
STQ-100E shredding damaged and undelivered courier goods for secure disposal.
Oil Filters STQ-100ES Quebec, Canada
STQ-100ES shredding automotive and truck filters. A vibrating screen separates the oil for further processing and recycling.
Mining ST-200EL Kentucky
ST-200EL as part of a tracked system for the mining of soil to recover titanium oxide as a component in the manufacture of paints, coloring, cosmetics etc.
Mattresses ST-200E New York State
ST-200E shredding matresses to liberate the wire, fabric, foam etc for recycling.
Dry Food and Beverage ST-75 Ontario, Canada
ST-75E shredding dry food products such as pasta, cookies, pet food etc and beverages containers. The vibrating screen separates the packaging from the contents for reprocessing as animal feed.
Various Consumer Items ST-75ES Illinois
ST-75ES shredding various products such as promotional toys, electronics and other consumer items for secure disposal. A safety cage is used to ensure safe access to a discharge container.
Dry Food ST-50E New York State
ST-50E shredding packages of cereal, pet food etc. The vibrating screen seperates the food for reuse as animal feed and the packaging for recycling.
Pharmaceuticals ST-50E Ontario, Canada
ST-50E shredding off spec/out of date products for secure destruction and disposal.
Diapers ST-50E China
ST-50E shredding off spec diapers as part of a system for the recovery and recycling of the various materials.
Uniforms ST-25E Throughout Canada
ST-25E used in Canadian Forces Bases for the secure destruction of military uniforms.
Canned Goods ST-25E Wisconsin
ST-25E shredding canned goods for separation of liquids and solids using a vibrating screen. The food products where then separated for further processing. A cylinder actuated lid on the shredder is used to prevent splash out.
Proprietary Components ST-25E Ontario, Canada
ST-25E for the secure destruction of satellite communication components. Hopper lid and support stand included enclosures with safety switches at access covers to ensure safe manual operation.
Sugar Packets ST-10E Ohio
ST-10E shredding out of spec/out of date sugar packets. A sifter screen is used to separate the contents and packaging for sugar recovery and paper recycling.
Cosmetics ST-10E Illinois
ST-10E shredding out of spec/out of date alcohol based products. A vibrating de-watering screen is used to seperate the packaging and recover the liquid.