Pronar 1.300 Single Shaft Slow-Speed Shredder

  • Direct Drive 550HP
  • 42 knife configurations made of wear resistant materials
  • Easily changeable bolt-on knifes and hooks combination
  • Counter knives system with adjustable bar pressure change system
  • Large hopper capacity and dual conveyor belt system
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Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder

The Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder is the ideal single-shaft slow-speed shredder machine that can be used for the initial shredding of nearly any type of material, including roots, construction and demolition material, plastics, biomass, aluminum, and so much more. This is a high-performance and robust machine that is designed for handling the toughest materials, rendering anything that passes through the shredder into a pile of scrap ready for recycling and processing. It is the right choice for your company if you need to constantly take care of large-scale operations as it provides you with maximum throughput with minimum time. Operating with a powerful engine, this industrial shredder brings you the perfect blend of efficiency, shredding strength, and versatility.

Engineered by high-quality experts for maximum serviceability, the Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder stands out among the rest thanks to its unmatched advantage of mobility thanks to its fuel-efficient diesel engine. You can close the gap between the shredder and the waste pile easily by bringing this machine right to the pile, eliminating the need to waste time going back and forth between the two. Providing you with superior versatility, the shredder offers customizable programs so that the operator has the option of choosing a control program depending on the type of input material, guaranteeing maximum shred size and efficiency for the material. With these specially adapted shredding programs, you experience optimized waste shredding even for the difficult materials. This high-performing machine is strong enough to easily shred a variety of materials. It can tear through 120 tons of wood waste per hour, 75 tons of green waste per hour, 80 tons of municipal waste per hour, up to 400 cubic yards of bulky waste per hour, and up to 400 cubic yards of industrial waste per hour. It is one of the most powerful slow-speed shredders that we have available.


The Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Pronar 1.300

For optimized performance, the high-quality Pronar 1.300 presents a variety of standard features that work in tandem to provide you with aggressive and efficient shredding. It is equipped with a single shaft, sieve, 42 knives, and counter knives that are responsible for taking in the material and crushing it down into the ideal fraction size. It also features a 55" wide out-feed belt with adjustable discharge height up to 198" in addition to a tilting hopper that is designed for the direct in-feeding of extra-long materials into the shafts. The entire shredding system is incredibly user-friendly and provides you with customizable programs so that you can take full control over the entire process, allowing you to configure the shredder machine to suit your applications. This system combined with the powerful engine promotes greater serviceability and superior versatility.

Shredding System

The shredding system for this slow-speed shredder is designed to operate with optimal performance. It ensures that each component, which includes the single shaft, sieve, and counter knives, is working smoothly to effectively tear apart the material until there is nothing left but a pile of scraps. These steel working elements are engineered from high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials for longer serviceability and trouble-free operation. The shaft speed for this shredder is 27 rpm while the loading height measures to 112". Controlling the shredder machine is very simple, and all machine functions can be accessed from the control panel which gets you to the control parameters of the machine and adjustment of hydraulics settings. The wireless remote control is also provided for long-range ergonomic support. The entire shredding system works aggressively hard on the toughest materials, and it results in a shred size of about 2” to 6”, depending on the type of material that’s being shredded.


A shredder machine this powerful requires an equally powerful engine to run it, which is exactly the kind of engine that keeps our high-quality slow-speed shredder going. The Pronar 1.300 runs on a Volvo Penta (Stage IV, Stage V, Tier 4 Final, 12,8 L, -MAX: 405 kW (550 HP) / 1900 rpm) diesel engine. This is a fuel-efficient model that minimizes fuel consumption for better cost savings. The slow-speed shredder can travel at a maximum speed of 62mph, allowing you to take the machine right to the pile of materials that need shredding. This brings you a greater level of versatility and mobility to your company that keeps the work flowing without interruptions.

Optional Accessories for the Pronar 1.300

Although the Pronar 1.300 is designed for optimal shredding efficiency and high performance, we also offer a variety of optional accessories that help make the shredding job as a whole easier and more manageable. Our cross belt magnet, for instance, can pick out any ferrous materials that pass by it, keeping them out of the shred pile. The breaker bar can be used to ensure that stubborn materials get fully shredded within the cutting chamber. We also have our hydraulic oil heater for when working in colder conditions along with the durable track shoes that prevent the steel tracks from marring surfaces. We carry many more accessories that are available for the Pronar 1.300, and our sales team is available 24/7 to explain more about how we can work together with you to create the ideal slow-speed shredder that suits your company’s requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Cross Belt Magnet

Some materials placed in the shredder may contain metal, which can negatively affect the industrial shredder. To help prevent this, we offer our high-powered cross belt magnet, which is designed to sit over the discharge conveyor and pull any ferrous materials that pass under the magnet out of the waste stream. It then diverts that material to the side of the machine so that there are virtually no metals in the shredder materials.

Breaker Bar

There are some materials that can be very stubborn and require multiple passes through the machine to reach their final fraction size. This high-quality breaker bar can help make the process much easier as it keeps the material situated in the cutting chamber/hopper until it reaches the final product size. When the material achieves the desired fraction size, the bar can be removed so that it joins the rest of the scrap pile.

Hydraulic Oil Heater

This hydraulic oil heater works to keep the hydraulic oil within the main tank at a much warmer operating temperature while you’re working in a colder climate. When it’s about 10-degrees outside, this heater keeps the hydraulic oil about 30-degrees warmer than the ambient temperature. This then allows for faster starts along with better lubrication and pressure in the pumps, keeping everything working as fluidly as possible despite the colder weather.

Track Shoes

The Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder is built with tough and durable steel tracks. These tracks, however, can sometimes prove to be too rough on softer surfaces, such as asphalt. In order to prevent the tracks from marring and tearing up asphalt and concrete, we offer these track shoes. Made from rubber, these shoes can be easily bolted onto the steel tracks to prevent the shredder machine from damaging the surface while it’s moving from place to place.