Pronar 2.1010 Dual-Shaft Slow-Speed Shredder

  • 768HP engine
  • Two shaft design with various breaker bar designs available
  • Sound-proof engine compartment
  • Optional magnetic separator and/or sprinkler system for dust control
  • Dual conveyor belt system
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Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder

We are proud to offer the high-powered Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder as our mission of supplying customers with profitable and environmentally correct materials shredding and recycling solutions continues to grow. This slow-speed shredding model is the ideal choice for companies that are looking to improve their efficiencies while also reducing their footprint. The Pronar slow-speed dual-shaft shredder is engineered for the initial shredding of all kinds of various materials, including biomass, paper, organic waste, plastics, aluminum, scrap, and bulk wastes, just to name a few. Designed for efficient mobility and equipped with a diesel engine, this shredder can move right up to the piles of materials, closing the distance between them and eliminating the need to constantly waste time going back and forth. For longer distances, the shredder machine can be transported on the road using a truck.

The high-powered Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder is equipped with high-quality dual shafts, sieve, and counter knives that are designed to take in those bulk loads and reduce them into smaller scrap sizes. All of these steel working elements are manufactured using high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials for enhanced durability and longevity. Capable of reducing waste volume by as much as 75 percent, the industrial shredder offers optimal waste shredding even for those difficult, stubborn materials by utilizing specially adapted shredding programs. The shredder offers the option of choosing which control program to use, depending on the type of input material. This is a shredder machine that is powerful enough to easily handle a variety of materials. It can tear through 100 tons of wood waste per hour, 100 tons of green waste per hour, 80 tons of municipal waste per hour, 30 tons of tires per hour, 50 tons of bulky waste per hour, and 60 tons of industrial waste per hour.


The Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Pronar 2.1010

The Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder is manufactured with a variety of features that work together to provide you with superior performance and effective shredding capability. This shredder machine has a 55" wide out-feed belt with adjustable discharge height up to 198" along with a tilting hopper for directly in-feeding extra-long materials right to the shafts. These shredding shafts are designed for aggressive in-feed with no material wrapping and offer four adjustable shredding settings for greater versatility and performance. The shredding system is easily controlled from the remote control that allows you to operate the tracks as well as the tilting hopper. As you can see, the shredding system and the engine work together flawlessly to create the ideal shredding solution that not only meets your expectations but surpasses them entirely.

Shredding System

The Pronar 2.1010 works effectively using its high-quality and high-powered shredding system. It operates with excellent power and precision to render thick, bulky materials into smaller scraps with ease. The shredder machine is equipped with a pair of 96" by 33" shafts that operate with a max shaft speed of 34 rpm. It also has a loading height that measures to about 125". The shafts as well as the loading hopper are made of wear-resistant steel for maximum durability, allowing them to withstand the constant bumping and grinding from abrasive materials. The shredding system also has a variety of features, including belt speed regulation, operation signal lights, central lubrication system, and hydraulically lifted loading hopper. Once they pass through this powerful shredder machine, the resulting shred size of the products is about 6” to more than 24”, depending on the material. Additionally, the entire shredding system is easy to handle from our multi-functional control panel, which features a touch panel that provides access to all of the control parameters for the machine with adjustment of hydraulics settings.


In order to keep this powerful industrial shredder moving, it relies on the equally powerful Volvo Penta (EU Stage 2, 16.1 l – 565 kW (768 HP) / 1850 rpm) diesel engine to get the machine to where it needs to go. The shredder features a fuel tank capacity of 317 gallons while also offering low fuel consumption for greater cost efficiency. Not only does the engine have improved noise protection but it is also easily accessible for quick and easy maintenance. This engine also features lighting for the engine area as well as a Cleanfix system for the engine cooling system and the hydraulic oil cooler.

Optional Accessories for the Pronar 2.1010

There are a variety of optional accessories available for the Pronar 2.1010 that are designed to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of the shredder as it gets the job done. These accessories include the cross belt magnet for keeping metals out of the shred pile, the breaker bar for making sure certain materials within the cutting chamber reach the optimal shred size, the hydraulic oil heater for maintaining a certain temperature for the hydraulic oil while working in colder conditions, and the track shoes for preventing the shredder’s tracks from marring softer surfaces. Each component works together with the main shredding system to guarantee flawless shredding. There are many more optional accessories available for the Pronar 2.1010 Slow-Speed Shredder, and you can easily contact the sales team who will be more than helpful when it comes to creating and perfecting the ideal shredding solution that suits your company’s applications.

Cross Belt Magnet

A safe and sure way to keep metal out of the scrap pile is to use the high-powered cross belt magnet. This magnet sits over the discharge conveyor and captures any ferrous materials that pass under it, pulling them out of the waste stream and depositing them to the side of the machine. This will essentially prevent metals from getting into the shredded materials.

Breaker Bar

Some materials can be stubborn when it comes to shredding them down to the right size. Our breaker bar is designed to ensure that the materials stay within the cutting chamber/hopper. They remain in there until they reach the ideal final fraction size that you were aiming for, and then the bar can be removed so that the shredded materials can join the rest of the scrap pile.

Hydraulic Oil Heater

When operating in low-temperature locations, it’s important to keep the hydraulic oil warm, which is where the hydraulic oil heater comes into play. This heater keeps the oil in the main tank at a warmer operating temperature. When it’s 10-degrees outside, the hydraulic oil is kept about 30-degrees warmer than the ambient temperature. This then allows for faster starts and better lubrication and pressure in the pumps.

Track Shoes

This high-quality industrial shredder moves on durable steel tracks, which are tough enough to dig right into softer surface materials, such as asphalt. These track shoes are made out of rubber and can be bolted right to the steel tracks in order to help prevent the tracks from marring and tearing up asphalt and concrete as the machine is being moved. This helps cut down on damages while maintaining the industrial shredder’s mobility.