Pronar 2.85 Dual-Shaft Slow-Speed Shredder

  • Caterpillar 9.3L 405HP
  • Track or wheel mounted (2.85 only)
  • Touch screen control panel with preprogrammed settings and remote control
  • Central lubrication system
  • Two shaft design, with various breaker bar designs available
  • Dual conveyor belt system
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Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder

The Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder is a high-quality, high-powered dual-shaft slow-speed shredder that is designed with the strength to shred all kinds of materials, such as railway ties, cable reels, tires, plastics, construction materials, and so much more. What makes this shredder stand out is its mobility. Rather than bring the material all the way to the shredder, you just bring the shredder right to the material, eliminating the need to go back and forth constantly. This machine can be quickly transported to any place where shredding needs to be done. On the road, the shredder can be transported using a truck, and it is equipped with a diesel engine so that it can be easily positioned for optimum shredding.

All of the shredder power for the Pronar 2.85 comes from the dual shafts, sieve, and counter knives that can render bulk loads of materials into smaller scraps. These steel working elements are engineered from high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials for ensuring long and trouble-free operation. The shredder machine is capable of reducing waste volume by as much as 75% and offers optimized waste shredding even for difficult material through the use of specially adapted shredding programs. The shredder has the option of choosing said control program depending on the type of input material, allowing the operator to configure the shredder machine to meet the required application for different situations. This is a versatile and powerful machine that can easily handle a variety of materials. It can tear through 35 tons of wood waste per hour, 40 tons of green waste per hour, 40 tons of municipal waste per hour, 20 tons of tires per hour, 20 tons of bulky waste per hour, and 35 tons of industrial waste per hour.


The Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Pronar 2.85

Capable of performing quick and effective shredding, each component of the Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder is engineered to work fluidly with the entire system to provide you with optimal shredding capability. The shredding shafts offer aggressive in-feed with no material wrapping along with four adjustable shredding settings for superior versatility and serviceability. The tilting hopper is designed for the direct in-feed of extra long materials to the shafts while the remote control allows you to easily operate the tracks and tilting hopper. Each piece of the shredding system along with the engine work in tandem to create the strong and reliable industrial slow-speed shredder that you’ve come to expect from us.

Shredding System

The shredding system of the Pronar 2.85 is designed to provide efficient shredding capabilities. It works endlessly to render thick pieces of material into smaller, finer chunks. It is equipped with two shafts that operate at a max speed of 37/42 rpm. Its loading height measures to 124", offering a lot of room to work with. Both of these shafts and the loading hopper are made of wear-resistant steel to keep them functioning for longer despite the constant demands of the job. Its simple design allows for quick maintenance, configuration, and changing of the shafts. The shredder also features a central lubrication system, belt speed regulation, operation signal lights, and hydraulically lifted loading hopper. The resulting shred size of the products is about 6” to more than 24”, depending on the material. All functions of the shredder machine are available from the user-friendly control panel. It features a touch panel that has access to the control parameters as well as the hydraulics settings.


A machine this powerful needs to rely on an equally powerful engine to get the job done. This shredder operates on Caterpillar and Volvo diesel engines with a fuel tank capacity of 184 gallons while offering low fuel consumption for the most cost-effective shredding solution. The Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder’s maximum shafts torque is achieved using this 400-horsepower engine through a planetary gear. The engine is easily accessible for quick maintenance and has improved noise protection. It also features a Cleanfix system for the engine cooling system as well as for the hydraulic oil cooler along with lighting for the engine area.

Optional Accessories for the Pronar 2.85

The Pronar 2.85 Slow-Speed Shredder is engineered to offer maximum shredding power, but we also offer a variety of optional accessories to help improve the overall efficiency of the shredding job. We have the extra-strong cross belt magnet for ensuring that no metals get into the shred pile as well as the breaker bar to keep certain stubborn materials within the cutting chamber to make sure they reach the final shred size. There’s also the hydraulic oil heater, which is extremely useful when operating in colder climates along with the durable rubber track shoes to prevent the shredder from marring certain surfaces. To learn more about how can work together with you to create the ideal shredding solution that suits you company’s requirements, our sales team is available 24/7 to tell you more about what we can offer.

Cross Belt Magnet

One of the cleanest and safest ways to ensure that there are no metals in the shredded materials is to use our high-powered cross belt magnet. Designed to sit right over the discharge conveyor, it has the strength to easily pick up any ferrous materials that pass under it, pulling them out of the waste stream. They then get diverted to the side of the machine where they stay out of the way.

Breaker Bar

You can ensure that the materials achieve the optimal shred size with the help of the handy breaker bar. This solid bar allows you to easily reach the final fraction size by making sure that the material stays within the cutting chamber. There, the material can be shredded over and over again until it reaches the final product size you desire.

Hydraulic Oil Heater

The hydraulic oil heater is engineered to keep the hydraulic oil within in the main tank at a warmer operating temperature when working in colder weather. If you are operating in 10-degree weather, the hydraulic oil is kept about 30-degrees warmer than the outside ambient temperature. This allows for faster starts and better lubrication and pressure in the pumps.

Track Shoes

Because this is a slow-speed shredder, it needs to have some high-quality shoes before heading out. Our track shoes are made of durable rubber that can be easily bolted to the steel tracks in order to prevent the shredder machine from tearing apart the asphalt and concrete. This is to ensure that the machine isn’t causing massive damage to surfaces.