Shred-Tech® is proud to partner with Pronar, a global leader in manufacturing high-performance, high-value recycling machinery from Narew, Poland. Our commitment to providing our customers with shredding and recycling solutions of the highest value and quality naturally led us to form an exclusive North American strategic dealer agreement with Pronar; by offering excellent shredding machines from a company that perfectly matches our values and mission, we more easily pass the benefits onto you. Pronar specializes in providing heavy-duty mobile slow-speed primary shredders that handle a variety of waste and recycling applications, including large volume, landfill, municipal waste, and more. These super-tough and dependable mobile shredders produce high power to crush everything from pallets to construction materials, landfill waste, industrial waste, tires, and agricultural waste with smooth ease, making them the ideal choice for heavy-duty shredding jobs. Meanwhile, their mobility permits convenient shredding at any location on the job site.

Pronar utilizes their global manufacturing and engineering prowess to create quality mobile shredding machines that are based on a universal platform. This foundational design allows Pronar shredders to be immediately used for general heavy-duty applications, but also allows for the shredders to be easily specialized to match your business requirements and specific shredding application. In fact, it’s this universal design principle that grants Pronar slow-speed mobile shredders their excellent serviceability. Spare parts are readily available and highly accessible, meaning that maintenance and repairs can be accomplished conveniently and without hassle, helping your mobile shredder remain in top condition for years. Meanwhile, a mixture of state-of-the-art equipment and engineering know-how pushes Pronar to continue innovating and developing shredding solutions that boast a high performance-to-value ratio, so you get the most for your money. By synergizing performance with quality, dependability, serviceability, and a cost-effective design, you get slow-speed mobile shredders that provide you with the highest return on your investment and provide value that lasts.

A History of Pronar

Pronar has a long and trusted history as they helped build both European and international industries, including agriculture, municipal, public works, construction, and recycling with their focus on in-house manufacturing, engineering prowess, and dependable machinery. Pronar’s dedication to providing high-quality, high-performance, and high-value industrial machines is evident up and down their history, making them an excellent partner choice for Shred-Tech®. Below are just some of the highlights of the company’s prestigious journey.

pronar-arrow1988 Founding

Pronar was founded in 1988 in Narew, located in the Podlasie region in the Northeast part of Poland. The Pronar name comes from the words “production” and “Narew,” which shows the company’s focus on quality manufacturing and hometown pride.

pronar-arrowThe 1990s

Throughout the 1990s Pronar developed and grew an impressive line of high-quality products, especially tractors for the European agricultural market. However, they quickly and expertly created and implemented their own dealer and service network in 1994 to streamline and synergize production with maintenance and customer service. This led to an overall boost in customer loyalty and satisfaction that has continued to grow up to the present day. By the end of 1999, Pronar had built up their products and services to a world-class level and expanded their operations to export markets.

pronar-arrowThe 2000s

The 2000s saw great leaps forward for Pronar with considerable growth and expansion across several sectors. By opening new plants and modernizing and developing several other facilities, Pronar gained the upper hand in the market and pushed forward. New products like agricultural trailers were unveiled, and there was a steady increase in commercial activities in both the internal and export markets. Not only that, but Pronar was able to push forward the mass production of agricultural, municipal, and public works & building machinery across the board, boosting their revenue and giving them a solid foothold to take into the 2010s.

pronar-arrowThe 2010s

As Pronar took their increased foothold in the market and continued to drive innovation, they experienced intense growth in the 2010s with the launch of new plants and facilities, as well as continued modernization and development of existing facilities. Not only did they up their manufacturing capabilities across the board, but in 2014 they launched a dedicated Research & Development center, which further drove innovation and opened doors into new markets. This R&D center continues to be used to fuel innovation where qualified engineers work on new designs and maintain clean control over product quality. Their innovative spirit served them well and they launched their first single-shaft, high-speed shredder.

pronar-arrowThe 2020s

In the 2020s, Pronar continued to open more plants and expand their operations to provide readily available and accessible parts and units for their agricultural trailers, municipal machines, and recycling machines. In 2021, they began full production of their heavy-duty dual-shaft asynchronous mobile shredders, which we at Shred-Tech® are proud to offer.

pronar-arrowToday and Beyond

Today, Pronar leads the industry in the production of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services, transportation, and recycling thanks to their dedication to high-quality, value-based solutions. Pronar continues to set the standard for quality and value with their innovative solutions in multiple markets while striving for an environmentally correct future.