The name Shred-Tech® has long been synonymous with confidential document shredding; the concept of mobile destruc-tion of documents and data with the unique Shred-Tech® „Shredding-Trucks” revolutionized the destruction of documents.
The Shred-Tech® trucks have been and still are the growth engine of Shred-Tech®. Today Shred-Tech® is the largest „Shredding-Truck” manufacturer in the world. Furthermore Shred-Tech® develops and designs shredding and recycling installations worldwide for metal, plastic, paper, light scrap, hazardous waste, medical- and industrial waste, as well as C&D waste.
Shred-Tech® is the exclusive distributor of HAAS primary shredders and recycling systems in Canada, USA and Australia. HAAS and Shred-Tech® are family-run companies with a very good position in the market, they have an excellent reputation for their innovation and quality. With the HAAS line of products Shred-Tech® closes the gap in their product portfolio and can now provide solutions to almost any shredding and recycling challenge.
In September, the first HAAS TYRON 2000 XL 2.0 in Shred- Tech® colours arrived at its new home in Canada. To give the first HAAS primary shredder a warm welcome, Shred-Tech® invited customers and employees to the “Haastoberfest”. With Bavarian Weisswurst, hearty Schnitzels and German beer, the fierce primary shredder showed itself at its very best. Interested customers brought several containers with all kinds of material and tested the machine thoroughly. In several presentations waste, waste wood and green waste, as well as light – and electronic waste was shredded. The HAAS primary shredder convinced with its agressive infeed and high throughput performance.

Carsten Schmidt, HAAS Work Shop Manager and Renè Perne, HAAS Sales Manager competently answered questions and explained the machine and its functions in detail. A special feature of all TYRON models is the intelligent 2-shaft system. Depending on the material mix, shaft speed, direction, and reversing times can be adjusted by the customer. Wrapping of wire and long fibre materials is avoided, throughput is maximized. Compared to synchronously running shredders, wear and tear and down times are reduced. The self cleaning process results in low wear and tear costs and high lifetime for the shredding chamber.
The HAAS TYRON is available in 3 sizes and additionally in an XL-version (for extra strong shredding) with unique basic equipment. The customer can choose between the stationary or mobile version (on hydraulic wheel axle, on tracks or trailer). Many additional options are available with which the machines can be equipped individually. It shreds even difficult material without difficulty. Strong performance, aggressive in feed, best quality, highly economic, ease of maintenance and longevity characterize this machine.

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