Rental Pronar 1.300 Single Shaft Slow-Speed Shredder

  • Volvo Penta 12.78L 550HP
  • Green Waste up to 50-100 t/h *depending on throughput
  • Municipal Solid Waste up to 80 t/h
  • Wood Waste up to 80-120 t/h *depending on throughput
  • Bulky Waste up to 80 t/h
  • Natural Disaster Waste up to 50 t/h
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Rental Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder

The Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder is one of the most powerful single-shaft slow-speed shredding machines that we have available. Its incredible strength can be used for the preliminary shredding of nearly any type of material, including organic waste, construction material, plastics, biomass, paper, and so much more. With this machine, you get equal parts of high performance and durability. Built using only high-quality components, this slow-speed shredder is designed by top engineers to handle the tougher materials with greater ease. It can render nearly anything that passes through its strong blades into a pile of scrap that is then ready for the next step in the recycling process. It is a very reliable choice for when your company needs a solid and robust industrial shredder that can take care of large-scale operations.

Providing you with maximum throughput in minimal time, the Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder is equipped with a powerful fuel-efficient diesel engine for optimal serviceability. The main advantage of this shredder is its mobility. It allows you to drive right up to the pile of materials that need shredding, making it most suitable for work in landfills. The slow-speed shredder offers customizable programs for better usability and versatility, allowing you to choose a control program that depends on the type of shredded material. This guarantees maximum shred size and efficiency every time you use the machine.

When your company finds itself in need of a reliable and durable shredding machine, you can trust in the power of the Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder. This machine can tear through:

  • 80-120 tons of wood waste per hour
  • 50-100 tons of green waste per hour
  • 88 tons of municipal waste per hour
  • 80 tons of bulky waste per hour
  • 50 tons of natural disaster waste per hour


The Shred-Tech® Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Pronar 1.300

The Pronar 1.300 Slow-Speed Shredder is designed with a variety of standard features that work together to provide optimal shredding performance. This shredder is equipped with a single shaft, sieve, 42 knives, and counter knives that take in the material and crush it down into the right shred size. In addition, it also has a 55” wide out-feed belt with adjustable discharge height up to 198” along with a tilting hopper for direct in-feeding of extra-long materials into the shafts.

Shredding System

This shredding system works optimally to ensure that each and every high-quality component is working smoothly. The system tears through tough material until there’s nothing left but a pile of scraps. All of this machine’s steel working elements are made from high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials for reliable serviceability and trouble-free operation. It operates with a shaft speed of 27 rpm, and the loading height measures to 112”. This shredder is very easy to control, and all of the machine’s functions are accessible from the control panel. The entire shredding system works aggressively hard on the toughest materials, and it results in a shred size of about 2” to 6”, depending on the type of material that’s being shredded.


This powerful machine needs a powerful engine, which is why this shredder is equipped with a Volvo Penta (Stage IV, Stage V, Tier 4 Final, 12,8 L, -MAX: 405 kW (550 HP) / 1900 rpm) diesel engine. This fuel-efficient model is designed to minimize fuel consumption for a cost-effective solution. While traveling through the jobsite, the slow-speed shredder can travel at a maximum speed of 62mph, granting greater versatility and flexibility that keeps the work flowing without interruptions.