Cambridge, Ontario. — 25 Nov, 2016. Shred-Tech is pleased to announce the successful launch of the all new MDS-2C ultra compact shredding truck model in Japan. Shred-Tech’s MDS-2C gets its amazing performance from the proven ST-15H shredder which is capable of shredding throughput rates up to 2,200 Kgs/Hr. The cast aluminum and high strength alloy shredder has exceptional strength without the weight of steel resulting in increased payload capacity up to 3,800 Kgs.
Shred-Tech was the first company to offer a retractable bin tunnel with universal ground tip loading system for increased data security and operator safety. The MDS-2C is also equipped with the state of the art Plus 1® micro-control system which offers many features that benefit performance, fuel economy and diagnostics. Other key features include Shred-Tech’s angled compactor design and durable Walking Floor® unloading system.
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