August 4, 2010

Shred-Tech®’s Newest Mobile Shredding Truck is One of the Most Powerful in its Class

CAMBRIDGE, ON, August 4, 2010 // – Shred-Tech is pleased to introduce the MDS-30GT mobile document destruction truck.

With throughput of up to 6,500 lbs/hr and a legal payload of 14,000 lbs this truck offers best in class performance and outperforms trucks costing much more; once again Shred-Tech has set a new standard. The MDS-30GT’s quality features and workmanship benefits entrepreneurs looking to start a mobile shredding business and existing service providers who are looking to improve the bottom line. Fuel efficient, powerful and offering a revolutionary payload capacity, the MDS-30GT is the definition of an industry game changer. These advantages are all available at an industry leading price point.

The heart of the MDS-30GT is the ST-15H shredder with cast aluminum shredder body components and ultra high strength steel alloy knives and shafts. Each ST-15H is designed to shred tens of millions of pounds of paper and the hundreds in use are doing just that.

Feature-rich, the system has Shred-Tech®’s state of the art Plus 1® micro-control with advanced intelligence. This logic control technology allows for remote diagnostics, advanced predictive idle and auto-shutdown while remaining remarkably easy to use. Shred-Tech®’s Predictive Idle feature detects low shredder loads in an unattended shredder with an empty hopper; over a short period of time sequentially lowers engine RPM to idle, disengages the power take-off system and shuts of the engine. This results in fuel savings and reduced shredder and engine hours. When you return to the truck, Shred-Tech®’s remote panel on/off feature allows you to restart the truck and system from the side control panel without needing to enter the cab, saving operator time.

Like all Shred-Tech units, the MDS-30GT is equipped with Shred-Tech®’s patent pending Gripper Tipper® bin tunnel loading system. The Gripper Tipper® is the only life available which detects the position of the gripper. This allows for curbside loading and other notable features not found anywhere else. This systems’ tunnel ensures the containers stay completely enclosed during loading, protecting the material in the bins from the elements and prying eyes.

To unload the shredded paper, the speed and reliability of our moving floor loading system can discharge a full load of shredded paper in approximately four minutes while giving you the added utility of a straight truck when needing to transport boxes and containers. Shred-Tech designs the shredders business needs to grow.

Further information on the MDS-30GT is available by visiting or via email at Contact Shred-Tech by phone at 800.465.3214.

About Shred-Tech
Shred-Tech is a global leader in reduction technology, designing and manufacturing reduction systems and shredding machinery. Fields of specialization include shredder systems for scrap tire processing, municipal solid waste shredding, product recovery/destruction, plastics reprocessing, electronic scrap recycling, metals reduction, wood & demolition debris reduction, medical & hazardous waste disposal and document destruction.