October 7, 2011


October 6, 2011- Shred-Tech, Newark, UK.
Shred-Tech’s® revolutionary MDX-1, the industry’s first fully automated dual mode ultra high security Mobile Shredding Truck, will be unveiled at the Joint European Conference in London, on November 7-9, 2011.

The patent pending MDX-1 can switch on the fly from Regular to Ultra High Security shred mode in just 4 seconds with the press of a button. In Standard Shred Mode the shredder achieves up to 2,950 Kgs/Hr of throughput. In Ultra High Security Shred Mode the shredder produces ultra small shred particles, which meet DIN 3 specifications, while having a throughput of up to 1,100 Kgs/Hr.

The MDX-1 is available in both Ground Tip and Side Lift formats and with 15 and 18 tonne chassis. Other incredible features include the proprietary Gripper Tipper® (Ground Tip Only) patented retractable bin tunnel loading system and the state-of-the-art Plus 1® micro-control system, which allows for remote system diagnostics and real time video of the shredding process. The MDX-1 also includes Predictive Idle which increases fuel savings and reduces shredder and engine hours by sensing the shredder loads and shutting down the system once shredding is complete.

Do More… when shred size matters.

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Going to the Conference? Visit us at booth #12 and witness the MDX-1 in action!