March 30, 2011

Shred-Tech®’s Dual Mode Mobile Shredder Offers Ultra High Security and a Payload of up to 6,500 lbs/hr and 13,000 lbs

CAMBRIDGE, ON// Always innovating. Shred-Tech®’s latest offering, the patent pending MDX-1, is the industry’s first ultra high security Mobile Shredding Unit not reliant on screens or the movement of stacked shredders.

Easy to use and service, the MDX-1’s a reliable and cost-effective shredder capable of switching between standard and high security modes with just the touch of a button. While in standard mode, the bulletproof ST-15H shredder achieves up to 6,500 lbs/hr of throughput. The high security mode produces incredibly small shred sizes while easily maintaining a throughput of up to 2,500lbs/hr.

Another important and in-demand feature, the patent pending Gripper Tipper® retractable bin tunnel loading system, comes standard with the MDX-1. Allowing for easy ground or curbside loading of any industry standard containers, the bin tunnel works with the Gripper Tipper® to provide a safe environment for workers while keeping the information secure as it’s loaded.

Working in concert with the standard shredder and paper area cameras, Shred-Tech®’s state-of-the-art Plus 1® micro-control system provides real time video of the shredding process. This allows the operator to monitor the entire process and the customer peace of mind while watching the speedy destruction of their sensitive information. The Plus 1® system communicates with the truck chassis to allow for remote starts and stops, provides shredding system performance data and can individually actuate each system component in maintenance mode. Instead of worrying or guessing, the Plus 1® system supplies you with the data you need about your shredding truck.
Interested in spending more time on-route shredding paper and generating revenue? The MDX-1 helps you do just that. With Shred-Tech®’s twin-screw angled compactor and durable moving floor loading system, you can expect a maximum payload of up to 13,000 lbs and the rapid discharge of the shredded materials.

Meeting the EPA’s strict new emissions standards, the environmentally conscious MDX-1 operates on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or B5 diesel. Additionally, Shred-Tech®’s Predictive Idle improves fuel savings and reduces shredder and engine hours by sensing the shredder loads and shutting down the system once it’s finished shredding. With the Plus 1® system the operator is able to control this feature to strike the perfect balance between fuel savings and operational efficiency.

To learn more about using the MDX-1 to drive efficiency at your operation, please contact Shred-Tech® by phone at 800.465.3214. Or, visit our website at or email us at for further information.

About Shred-Tech
Shred-Tech is a respected global leader in reduction technology, designing and manufacturing reduction systems and shredding machinery. Fields of specialization include shredder systems for scrap tire processing, municipal solid waste shredding, product recovery/destruction, plastics reprocessing, electronic scrap recycling, metals reduction, wood & demolition debris reduction, medical & hazardous waste disposal and document destruction. In fact, Shred-Tech® designs and manufactures first-class reduction systems and shredding machinery that cost-effectively meets – and exceeds – your waste reduction and recycling needs.