CAMBRIDGE, ON, April 9th, 2015 // For Immediate Release

Shred-Tech CNG Driver Side

As the driver of most advancements in the mobile document management industry, Shred-Tech’s goal is to always be evaluating and developing the next generation of technologies for our clients.  With that in mind, we have been studying CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) powered systems for some time.   Those engineering efforts recently paid off when we were approached by a customer to build a Mobile Collection System on a CNG chassis.

CNG engines are well suited to the demands of collection systems which are typically a lighter load onsite application, combined with a lot of windshield time getting from stop to stop.  CNG engines offer significant fuel savings when operated by entities with their own CNG distribution infrastructure.

While not suitable for every client, particularly at today’s CNG chassis pricing, certain customers can realize benefits by adding or switching existing collection units to CNG systems.  The engineering applied to this project has downstream benefits to all Shred-Tech customers.

By continuing to innovate, Shred-Tech will be able to match the right customer to the right equipment, in order to maximize customer profits.

About Shred-Tech

Shred-Tech® designs and manufactures first-class reduction systems and shredding machinery that cost-effectively meets – and exceeds – your waste reduction and recycling needs.   We specialize in solutions that shred everything from paper, tires, municipal solid waste and plastics to e-scrap, metals, wood, medical & hazardous waste and much more.

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