Shred-Tech Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck

  • CDL required; 58,000 lbs. GVW
  • Large legal payload of up to 24,000 lbs.
  • Side loading, rear unloading via automatic walking floor
  • Eliminates the need to swap bins at the customer’s site
  • Optional tandem lift tipper for 175 gallon carts; Optional dual bin tippers (1 towards the front and 1 towards the rear)
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Shred-Tech Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck

The heavy-duty Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck from Shred-Tech® offers the highest payload of any of our collection trucks without sacrificing quality, performance, or cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for shredding, recycling, and document collecting businesses who need the largest solution with a great ROI potential. With a Lockbox collection truck, you have a key opportunity to strengthen and scale your existing business, diversify your offered services, create a new revenue stream, and continue to grow with a long-lasting and dependable solution. Thanks to a competitive price point, Lockbox collection trucks like the Lockbox-SL-58 are perfect for expanding your current fleet to take your business to the next level.

Thanks to a heavy-duty 58,000 lb. GVW chassis, the Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck requires a CDL to operate, meaning only professional drivers use your investment. The larger chassis size also allows for the highest payload of any of our collection trucks at an impressive 19,500 lbs. This hefty payload allows your operators to be out on the road for longer, servicing more customers in a day while making less frequent stops at the facility to unload for higher daily revenue. This capability ultimately helps you not only remain highly competitive in this growing industry, but potentially drive ahead of the competition and gain a greater foothold over long-term growth and profitability. Thanks to a side loading design, the Lockbox-SL-58 is both safe and convenient to load with paper and makes curbside loading fast. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech does not guarantee payload results.


The Lockbox-SL-58 can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Lockbox-SL-58

To put the Lockbox-SL-58 apart from other collection trucks, we packed it with only the highest-quality standard features so you can optimize your workflow and maximize profits. With features including a handy loading system, a fast automatic unloading floor, and an easy-to-use but powerful control system, the Lockbox-SL-58 stands out among the rest and offers convenience, speed, and ease of use so your business can be at its best and keep up with industry demands.


With Shred-Tech®’s patented and proprietary Gripper Tipper® loading system, the Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck makes curbside document loading safe, fast, and easy. Featuring a hefty and fully enclosed bin tunnel on the passenger side of the vehicle, this collection truck helps keep the operator safe during the loading process. With just a touch of a button on the system’s control panel conveniently located on the passenger side, the Gripper Tipper® takes hold of industry standard 64- and 96-gallon and dumps them into the collection area. In fact, this system features multiple tipping locations, allowing operators to fully unload up to three bins in only 15 seconds, meaning less time wasted so you can quickly get to the next job site for more revenue.

Auto Unloading

For maximum convenience and efficiency, we’ve included a powerful automatic unloading floor system with the Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck. After the truck has reached maximum capacity, it can be brought back to a facility for unloading, where the auto unloading floor quickly unloads the entire payload in under five minutes with just the push of a button. This means less time is spent at the facility and your operators can get back on the road to service more customers in a day. This is perfect for companies looking to maximize efficiency and improve their workflow.

Layout & Controls

The layout and control system of the Lockbox-SL-58 let you take full control of your investment and manage each aspect with ease and speed. The powerful control panel is located on the passenger side of the vehicle for quick and convenient access and features a clear LCD monitor that displays a live camera feed from inside the collection area so you can closely monitor the loading process. A simple push of a button activates hydraulic control levers that make both curbside and dock level loading a breeze.

Optional Accessories for the Lockbox-SL-58

A wide range of optional accessories are available for the Lockbox-SL-58 Collection Truck to help take it beyond its base capabilities and help you tailor it to match your requirements. With our selection of accessories, including a backup camera, a data bearing device shredder, bin tipper adapter, and cart storage, you can improve convenience, safety, efficiency, and even add an additional revenue stream to diversify your services and expand your customer base. Each optional accessory complements the collection truck and adds performance and value. More optional accessories are available, and you can learn more about them and how Shred-Tech® can help customize the ideal collection truck for your business by contacting us today!

Backup Camera

The high-quality backup camera option is highly recommended for improving visibility and safety when operating the Lockbox-SL-58. This camera is placed at the rear of the truck and provides the driver with a greater field of vision when backing up the vehicle. As our most popular optional accessory, the backup camera is a handy feature that you can’t go wrong with, especially with a collection truck as large as the Lockbox-SL-58. The camera comes with a durable stainless-steel guard that helps protect the system from impact as well as the elements.

Data Bearing Device Shredder

As data drive destruction becomes one of the fastest growing segments in the information destruction industry, we recommend that you include the high-quality ST-5 Mobile Hard Drive Shredder to your collection truck. Adding a data drive shredder can add a new revenue stream to your business and help widen your customer base. This powerful shredder can destroy a hard drive in under five seconds, boasting a throughput of up to 750 hard drives per hour, or 1,000 solid-state drives per hour. Easily installed on any Shred-Tech® truck, this shredder is fuel-efficient, simple to use, easy to maintain, and can be uninstalled at any time. The shredder can be easily operated from the control panel located on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Note that adding a mobile hard drive shredder will reduce the payload of the truck.

Bin Tipper Adapter

The Lockbox-SL-58 base model can accommodate industry standard 64- and 96-gallon bins, however a bin tipper adapter can be added, which can allow the tipping and unloading of 32- and 175-gallon bins as well. This adapter makes for an excellent choice when you want to widen your customer base and eliminates the hassle of needing completely separate truck models to service different customers whose bin sizes may be different. This effectively streamlines your workflow and makes the job far more convenient for your operators.

Cart Storage

You can easily add convenience for your drivers and operators if your company uses its own bins for collecting documents by adding the cart storage option. This storage space accommodates industry standard 64- and 96-gallon bins as well as empty file boxes and more, making them quick and easy to access from the passenger side of the vehicle.