Shred-Tech Select-26 Collection Truck

  • Non-CDL in most states; 26,000 lbs. GVW
  • Legal payload (loose) of up to 8,500 lbs.; Legal payload (with gaylords) of up to 7,700 lbs.
  • Side loading, rear unloading via automatic walking floor
  • Individually filled plastic gaylords for paper sorting during route
  • Used in conjunction with shredding plant or satellite facility
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Shred-Tech Select-26 Collection Truck

The Select-26 Collection Truck from Shred-Tech® is a great option for large shredding and recycling enterprises as well as mid-market companies who need a boost to increase efficiency and promote growth. In fact, the Select-26 is an excellent entry point for businesses looking to scale their paper collection services thanks to the collection truck’s ability to sort materials into different gaylords or collection bins for further processing. This allows you to offer varied shredding services to customers when this truck is paired with a dedicated and capable shredding facility, thus broadening your customer base and generating more revenue. Get a high ROI with the Select-26 and take your fleet and business higher!

Featuring a lighter 26,000 lb. GVW chassis, the Select-26 Collection Truck is perfect for maneuvering in congested environments, such as tight urban and metropolitan streets. This chassis size also means a CDL is not required to operate the vehicle, meaning you can quickly get a driver up and running in your new Select-26 and start generating revenue quickly. With a handy sorting function, the Select-26 makes it easy to organize your clients’ documents into different gaylords or bins for further processing. Side-loading capabilities mean loading the truck from the curb is not only easy, but fast and safe as well. A generous 7,700 lb. payload for this collection truck ensures you have plenty of space to service several customers on your route before having to return to the facility to unload, and an automatic unloading floor makes the process take only a few minutes so you can keep driving profits and remain highly competitive in this lucrative industry. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech® does not guarantee payload results.


The Select-26 can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Select-26

The standard features of the Select-26 Collection Truck help it stand out from the competition. Shred-Tech® has made it our mission to equip our collection trucks with the highest quality features and components possible so you have all the necessary tools to be highly competitive now and successful in the long term. Thanks to a simple and effective loading system, efficient automatic unloading floor, and a powerful control system, the Select-26 is fully prepared to keep up with tough, daily industry demands and remain reliable for years.

Loading & Gaylord Sorting

Shred-Tech®’s patented and proprietary Gripper Tipper® loading system and bin tunnel is a fast, easy, and safe method of loading your customers’ documents from industry-standard 64- and 96-gallon bins. The fully enclosed bin tunnel protects your clients’ sensitive information from the elements while also protecting the operator, since the bin has no way of falling off the lift and causing injury. With just the push of a button located conveniently on the control panel on the passenger side of the truck, the Gripper Tipper® loading system activates and grabs a bin placed under the tunnel. It then lifts it easily up and tips it, unloaded the documents into the storage area.

To improve the Gripper Tipper® and the loading capabilities of the Select-26 Collection Truck, this truck features multiple tipping locations that allow the operator to tip up to three bins in under 15 seconds, as well as sort and organize documents into gaylords or collection bins. The Select-26 can be pre-loaded with plastic bulk bins (plastic gaylords), which can be filled individually, allowing for paper sorting during the route. Bins can be off-loaded quickly and safely at a loading dock using the walking floor, or they can be sealed and shipped to your shredding plant. The bins are collapsible to allow for stacking and storage upon return to the collection market or depot.

Auto Unloading

Shred-Tech®’s automatic unloading walking floor system is the ticket to peak efficiency and higher revenue generation with a collection truck like the Select-26. After the truck has reached full capacity, it can be driven back to a facility for unloading. With a simple button press at the rear of the truck, the walking floor system activates and automatically unloads the entire truck in under five minutes. This saves your operators time and effort in the unloading process and allows more customers to be serviced in a business day. This makes the Select-26 perfect for paper collecting and shredding companies looking to scale their operations and grow their business.

Layout & Controls

The Select-26 not only provides you with heavy-duty paper collecting capabilities, but also a powerful layout and control system. Our dedicated Plus+1® microcontroller system is located conveniently on the passenger side of the vehicle for quick and easy access and features a clear LCD monitor display that allows you to monitor documents as they’re being loaded into the storage area. A simple push of an Up/Down button operates the Gripper Tipper® loading system to make curbside and dock level loading fast and easy. Other handy features include a job timer, an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and predictive idle, so you have all the tools at your disposal to operate at peak performance.

Optional Accessories for the Select-26

We’ve outfitted the Select-26 with the highest quality standard features we could to ensure you have a complete and competitive turnkey solution for your business, but adding optional accessories to your Select-26 can tailor it to better suit your business requirements. Our available optional accessories help to improve convenience and ease of use and include a backup camera, bin tipper adapter, cart storage, and more! All our optional accessories perfectly complement the truck and combine to create a high-performance piece of equipment that is not only easy to operate, but fully capable of keeping up with industry demands and driving profits for your business. Contact a Shred-Tech expert today or even more optional accessories for the Select-26 and further information on how we can help create a customized solution for you!

Backup Camera

We recommend adding a backup camera to your Select-26 to improve visibility and safety when backing up the vehicle. This option is especially useful if the truck will be driven through congested city streets where space is tight. The backup camera is our most popular optional accessory for this reason and is the ideal choice for ease and safety. Featuring a heavy-duty stainless-steel guard that surrounds it, the camera is protected from the elements and impact for high durability and lasting use.

Bin Tipper Adapter

Industry standard 64- and 96-gallon bins are easily tipped via the Select-26 Collection Truck’s loading system, but a bin tipper adapter can be added to this model that also allows for the tipping of 32-gallon bins. This option is perfect for businesses that have a customer base with a range of bin sizes. This means you can service multiple customers of differing bin sizes with a single truck, essentially improving your workflow and easing up demands on your fleet.

Cart Storage

Adding cart storage to your Select-26 Collection Truck adds plenty of convenience with an easy-to-access storage compartment. The cart storage area can easily hold extra industry standard 64- and 96-gallon bins, as well as empty file boxes, etc. Accessed from the passenger side of the vehicle, the cart storage area is fast and easy to use. This is a great option if your operators bring their own bins to the job site.