Shred-Tech Select-33 Collection Truck

  • CDL required; 33,000 lbs. GVW
  • Legal payload (loose) of up to 13,000 lbs.; Legal payload (with gaylords) of up to 11,000 lbs.
  • Side loading, rear unloading via automatic walking floor
  • Individually filled plastic gaylords for paper sorting during route
  • Used in conjunction with shredding plant or satellite facility
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Shred-Tech Select-33 Collection Truck

With the Select-33 Collection Truck from Shred-Tech®, you have a dependable, convenient, and efficient paper collection solution that can help you take your business to the next level. The Select-33 is the ideal choice for companies seeking to scale or expand their current operations with a collection truck that excels at keeping up with the daily demands of the industry while remaining a reliable solution for years. In fact, the Select Series is unique in that it offers document sorting capabilities so you can stay organized with your customers’ various shredding requests as you return to the facility. This allows you to widen your customer base and diversify your services as they match the facility’s shredding capabilities. With this feature combined with a high payload and high-performance components, the Select-33 offers a high return on your investment and helps you easily generate revenue in this competitive industry.

The Select-33 Collection Truck features a hefty 33,000 lb. GVW chassis to permit a more substantial payload of 11,000 lbs. This chassis size means that a CDL is required to drive the truck, so you can ensure only professionals get behind the wheel of your investment. The higher payload also allows you to serve more customers in a day before having to return to the facility, while an automatic walking floor unloading system unloads an entire truckful of documents in under five minutes for even higher efficiency and increased revenue generation. Side loading capabilities with the sorting feature make curbside and dock level loading fast, easy, and safe. All these functionalities, features, and components make the Select-33 a force to be reckoned with in the industry, so you can stay on top of the competition and always moving ahead with your business. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech® does not guarantee payload results.


The Select-33 can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Select-33

In order to ensure you have all the tools necessary to be highly competitive in this lucrative industry, Shred-Tech® has fully equipped the Select-33 Collection Truck with high-performance standard features you can trust to help you get the job done right. With an easy-to-use loading and sorting system, a fully automatic unloading floor, and a powerful microcontroller, the Select-33 is well-prepared to take on the tough, daily demands of the industry time after time and remain an indispensable paper collection solution for years to come.

Loading & Gaylord Sorting

The Select-33 comes standard with a powerful combination of our patented and proprietary Gripper Tipper® loading system and gaylord sorting feature. The Gripper Tipper® system is easy to operate with a simple push of an Up/Down button, which activates the tipper mechanism. The system takes hold of industry-standard 64- and 96-gallon bins and lifts them into a fully enclosed bin tunnel, which protects your customers’ documents from weather effects and gives them peace of mind. The safety factor of operating the Gripper Tipper® is also increased as there’s no way for the bin to fall off the lift and cause injury. After tipping and emptying the bin, the system can then be lowered to release the bin and prepare itself for the next.

For even greater loading capabilities, the Select-33 Collection Truck also features a handy gaylord sorting system that allows up to three bins to be tipped in under 15 seconds for maximum efficiency. This saves the operator time and effort in loading several bins at a time for faster service times per customer with more than one bin. Gaylords, or plastic bulk bins, can be pre-loaded into the storage area of the truck and filled individually. Paper can then be sorted during a daily route and the bins can be easily and quickly unloaded with the automatic walking floor system described below. Alternatively, the bins can be sealed and shipped to a shredding facility. The bins are collapsible to allow for stacking and storage upon return to the collection market or depot.

Auto Unloading

For optimal efficiency and to help you generate more revenue in a single day, we’ve included our super-quick auto unloading walking floor system with the Select-33 Collection Truck. This walking floor system can unload a Select-33 at full capacity in under five minutes, meaning less time is spent at the facility and operators can service more customers in a day to drive profits via high efficiency. A simple button press activates the walking floor and all the work is done for you. Companies looking to scale and grow their operations can benefit greatly from this feature.

Layout & Controls

Powerful layout and controls allows you to take full control of all operations of the Select-33 Collection Truck and get the most out of it. Featuring a state-of-the-art Plus+1® microcontroller system, the Select-33 is easy to operate and comes with a host of capabilities. Some features included with the control system include a job timer, an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and predictive idle among others. A live camera feed from inside the storage area also permits regular monitoring of the loading process so you can stay on top of operations. Located on the passenger side of the vehicle and featuring a clear LCD monitor display, the Plus+1® control panel makes curbside and dock level loading a breeze with just the touch of an Up/Down button.

Optional Accessories for the Select-33

We’ve made sure to equip the Select-33 Collection Truck with all the proper features and components as standard so you have a complete, high-performance, turnkey solution that allows you to be highly competitive, but adding optional accessories can take the collection truck’s capabilities even higher. Adding a backup camera, bin tipper adapter, and/or cart storage can give you an advantage in convenience and functionality. By picking and choosing which optional accessories are best for your applications and requirements, you create a customized Select-33 Collection Truck that can take your business even further. Get in touch with a Shred-Tech® expert today to learn about even more optional accessories available for the Select-33 and how we can help build you a fully customized paper collecting solution that drives profits for years!

Backup Camera

Adding a backup camera is a great way to increase both convenience and safety when operating this collection truck. The Select-33 features a larger chassis size that requires a CDL to operate, and it is this large size that warrants the use of a backup camera, especially in more congested areas, such as metropolitan streets. The camera provides excellent visibility behind the truck, while a super-tough stainless-steel guard surrounds and protects it from both weather effects and impact. This grants higher durability and helps the camera last longer.

Bin Tipper Adapter

As a standard feature, the Select-33 Gripper Tipper® loading system only accepts 64- and 96-gallon bins, but adding a bin tipper adapter can allow the truck to accommodate 32-gallon bins as well. This option is an excellent choice if you have customers with varying bin sizes, since it means you only have to send out one truck to service all customers. This can even help you expand your customer base and improve the workflow and convenience for your operators.

Cart Storage

The cart storage option can add plenty of convenience if your operators take their own bins to the job site. With cart storage, extra space is provided for the storage of 64- and 96-gallon bins, as well as any empty file boxes, and more. Accessed easily from the passenger side of the vehicle, the cart storage area can help make the job easier.