Slow-Speed Shredders

Shred-Tech®’s commitment is to provide our customers with the very best in quality shredding solutions that suit their destruction and recycling requirements. As part of this commitment, Shred-Tech® has acquired an Exclusive North American strategic dealer agreement with Pronar, a global leader in recycling machinery manufacturing from Narew, Poland. As the exclusive distributor for Pronar’s single and double shaft slow-speed primary shredders, Shred-Tech® continues to supply the shredding market with the most reliable shredders with unsurpassed service and superior value. This trusted and robust shredding company complements our commitment to quality and value by providing our customers with the highest performing solutions and excellent ROI. As a leader in recycling, agricultural, and municipal solutions, Pronar manufactures on a global scale to create high-quality and universal shredding machines that offer excellent serviceability, convenient maintenance, and high parts accessibility. With their universal design, these slow-speed shredders can even be specialized to match specific applications and requirements. As Pronar continues to actively invest in the dynamic development of their recycling product lines, they effectively deliver shredding machines with the highest build quality and state-of-the-art engineering. The company’s slow-speed primary shredder machines are their innovative, high-performance, and dependable solutions that provide you with the highest value per dollar in the industry.


Shred-Tech® partners with Pronar to provide you with unbeatable versatility and aggressive shredding capabilities.

Pronar Slow-Speed Shredder Machines

Pronar Slow-Speed Shredders are designed for the pre-processing of all types of materials. These include tires, industrial waste, municipal and construction waste, wood waste like pallets, debris, and timber, green waste like shrubs and roots, and bulky materials. What gives these shredder machines their main advantage is their mobility. They have the ability to be quickly transported to any place, which increases the range of machine applications. Now you can bring the shredder machine right up to the pile of materials that need to be shredded, closing the gap between them and saving a lot of time that could have been wasted constantly traveling back and forth between the two. When traveling over longer distances, the machines can be transported on a public road using a lorry or low-bed trailers.

Offering greater efficiency and control, we offer three types of slow-speed shredders that each have their advantages: the Pronar 2.85, the Pronar 2.1010, and the Pronar 1.300. Each one delivers aggressive shredding capabilities that are suitable for large-scale operations. They can tear through some of the toughest materials, rendering them into sizable scraps for easier recycling and processing while reducing waste volume by as much as 75%. All the machine functions are accessed from the control panel that gives you the control parameters of the shredder and adjustment of hydraulics settings. The shredding system offers the operator customizable programs, allowing them to choose a control program depending on the type of input material, which guarantees maximized shred size and superior efficiency. These specially adapted shredding programs provide you with greater versatility and optimized waste shredding capabilities, putting you in full control over the entire shredding process.

Pronar 2.85

The Pronar 2.85 slow-speed shredder is designed for pre-processing of all kinds of materials, including domestic, industrial, bulky, and municipal waste and construction materials. Its mobility allows it to be quickly transported to any place using just a truck, bringing you a greater level of versatility to the job. The machine is equipped with a 310kW motor, and the maximum shafts torque is achieved using a high-powered 400-horsepower engine through a planetary gear. With this dual-shaft slow-speed shredder, shredding is accomplished by two shafts that operate in sync to produce the optimum shred size, depending on the material. Bringing you a greater level of mobility and versatility, the shredder operator has the opportunity to choose the shredding program that suits the type of feed material.

Engineered with the strength to tear through just about anything, this industrial shredder can be used for the following applications:

  • Wood waste: up to 35 tons/hour
  • Green waste: up to 40 tons/hour
  • Municipal waste: up to 40 tons/hour
  • Tires: up to 20 tons/hour
  • Bulky waste: up to 20 tons/hour
  • Industrial waste: up to 35 tons/hour

Pronar 2.1010

Similar to the 2.85, the Pronar 2.1010 slow-speed shredder is designed by high-quality engineers for the initial processing of all kinds of materials, which can include municipal and construction waste, pallets, remnants of tree felling, or scrap metal. It even has the strength to rip apart car bodies until they’re nothing but scraps. The shredder machine moves on caterpillars, which means that it can be quickly transported to any place on the working site, bringing it right up to the piles of materials to save you both time and effort. This high-performing industrial shredder is powered by a 585kW diesel engine with 768 horsepower and a fuel tank capacity of 1200 liters for greater fuel efficiency. Shredding is accomplished by two shafts that work synchronously within the chamber where the grinding takes place. The shafts and the chamber are engineered using high-strength materials in order to ensure long and trouble-free operation of the machine.

Built for the purpose of all-encompassing, aggressive shredding, this shredder can be used for the following applications:

  • Wood waste: up to 100 tons/hour
  • Green waste: up to 100 tons/hour
  • Municipal waste: up to 80 tons/hour
  • Tires: up to 30 tons/hour
  • Bulky waste: up to 50 tons/hour
  • Industrial waste: up to 60 tons/hour

Pronar 1.300

The Pronar 1.300 single-shaft slow-speed shredder has the power to perform preliminary shredding of all different types of materials, including green organic waste, wood, biomass, paper, plastics, and bulky waste. It is fast working and highly powerful as it easily provides you with maximum throughput on some of the toughest materials. The durable shredding chamber consists of one shaft with 42 knives, counter-knives, and sieve that all work together to crush nearly any type of material into the ideal shred size. All of these steel working elements are engineered out of high-strength, abrasion-resistant materials, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the machine. Providing you with optimal control, this shredder machine comes with the ability to choose a control program depending on the type of batch material. This allows you to fully configure the industrial shredder to suit your operation’s specifications, creating greater efficiency and maximum workflow.

This is a high-quality, high-powered shredder that is designed by top engineers to eat its way through some of the toughest products, such as:

  • Wood waste: up to 120 tons/hour
  • Green waste: up to 75 tons/hour
  • Municipal waste: up to 80 tons/hour
  • Bulky waste: 400 cubic yards/hour
  • Industrial waste: 400 cubic yards/hour