May 6, 2008


Shred-Tech Displays Three High-performance Destruction Systems at Waste Expo 2008 in Chicago

CHICAGO – May 6, 2008 – Shred-Tech, a world leader in information destruction and recycling systems, is displaying three of its industry-leading shredding systems at Waste Expo 2008: the ST-75, STQ-50 and MDS-35GTi. These new Shred-Tech systems complement a versatile product line of high-performance shredding systems the company has developed since its founding 30 years ago.

Quality is evident in the workmanship of Shred-Tech’s ST-75 shredding system, which offers greater flexibility for loading bulk waste such as steel drums, auto tires, castings, industrial waste and aluminum, among others. Its electric model has two 30, 40 or 50 HP motors and the hydraulic model is equipped with high torque, low speed, multi-cam, radial piston motors. Shred-Tech engineers designed each knife profile to suit the material for maximum throughputs and optimum shred size. The ST-75 control panel features illuminated function buttons, keyed power switch, fused lockable disconnect, hour meter and programmable logic control for shredder functions including knife reversal on overload. Several design refinements have also been incorporated into the ST-75 including removable fingers from the hopper side, sleeved bearings and hexed shafts designed to facilitate ease of parts removal.

The Shred-Tech STQ-50 four-shaft shredders are designed to process bulk materials, including wood, plastics, paper, tires, textiles, electronic equipment, medical waste, organic waste and manufactured products to a uniformed particle size in a single pass. Shred-Tech’s proprietary triple seal cutting chamber, abrasion resistant wear components and exceptionally high knife tip cutting force ensure low noise and vibration, reduced wear and decreased maintenance costs. Rollout screens are easily removed from the end of the shredder, which allow for quick and easy screen cleaning and efficient change out of alternative screen sizes. Additionally, theSTQ-50’s proprietary sealed bearing assembly ensures easy cutting chamber service and long bearing life.

The MDS-35GTi line combines unsurpassed throughput rates of 6,000 – 8,000 pounds per hour with the option of high-security Variable Shred Size (VSS) technology, which produces high-security shred sizes at the push of a button. The MDS-35GTi features a cast aluminum body providing extremely high strength to weight ratio and a long lasting corrosion resistant finish. The cutting chamber design improves particle consistency and can be combined with VSS technology for further shred size reduction. The MDS-35GTi also uses Shred-Tech’s new patent-pending Gripper Tipper®, a patented retractable bin tunnel that ensures containers remain completely enclosed during the loading process, protecting materials from environmental elements. Additionally, each unit is equipped with cameras conveniently located on the control panel, allowing for single and split screen views of the shredding and storage compartments.

“Our significant investment in research and development allows us to provide our customers with industry-leading and environmentally-conscious shredding and recycling solutions that address a wide variety of shredding requirements,” said Shred-Tech CEO Robert Glass.

As one of the industry’s leading destruction and recycling system manufacturers and a pioneer in the document destruction industry, Shred-Tech is recognized globally for its innovative products and solutions and commitment to quality, customer service and environmentally-conscious practices. Shred-Tech has invested $12 million over the past 7 years into research and development, with $2.5 million alone in 2007.

About Shred-Tech
Shred-Tech is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of mobile and plant-based document destruction and recycling systems. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Shred-Tech prides itself in manufacturing quality shredding products, providing environmentally friendly and profitable business opportunities for entrepreneurs and a solution to identity theft. The company manufactures nearly 200 mobile shredder trucks a year and in 2008 will have approximately 2,000 of its trucks on the road in North America. For more information about Shred-Tech, visit