Amazing performance and value. The MDS-1 is available on three sizes of chassis. DO MORE…FOR LESS!


The MDS-2 shredding truck is the perfect blend of high performance and compact design.

Rental Trucks

Shred-Tech now offers rental trucks for your convenience. They can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.
Whether you are trying to accommodate a high volume season, or need a temporary replacement due to servicing/maintenance, Shred-Tech has you covered.
Contact one of our experts for further details.


The MDS-3’s brilliant design achieves amazing throughput and payload at an equally amazing price.


When shred size matters most.


Shred-Tech’s most versatile and efficient Paper Collection Truck.


Revolutionary hybrid design. Cost effective, environmentally friendly, and does not require a commercial drivers license to operate. The onboard battery pack allows you to load and unload confidential paper with the power off, using electric power only.


Of the MCS-33’s & MCS-33T’s designs deliver efficient productivity, convenience and affordability.