Shredding Trucks

The document destruction industry is a lucrative yet heavily competitive market, and Shred-Tech® is here to provide you with the means of establishing your foothold in the market. Whether you are looking for the right opportunity to begin your own business or you are looking for a sustainable and profitable complement to your existing fleet, our line of Mobile Shredding Trucks is available to offer you the powerful shredding strength needed to keep up with this ever-growing industry. Both the MDS-Line and MDX-Line have been designed by our highly skilled engineers to out-perform your competitors. They feature exceptionally powerful shredding machines that are more than capable of rendering a sensitive, confidential document into a pile of unreadable scraps, effectively protecting your client’s information. These trucks are available with a 26,000 lb., 33,000 lb., or 58,000 lb. GVW chassis with legal payloads ranging from 7,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs., giving you plenty of versatile options to decide what type of mobile shredding truck is the ideal choice to suit your company’s applications and specifications.


High-Powered & High-Performance Industrial Shredding Trucks

The MDS-Line and MDX-Line feature an angled compactor design and durable moving floor unloading system, which work flawlessly together to ensure the maximum payload and the rapid discharge of shredded material within a few minutes. This means less time unloading at the facility and more time on-route shredding paper and generating revenue. All Shred-Tech® Mobile Shredding Units are equipped with the proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® loading system. This system is designed by our top engineers to offer easy ground or curb level loading of any industry standard container. Shred-Tech® was the first company to offer a retractable bin tunnel, and this important feature has been included on these trucks as well. The bin tunnel works with the Gripper Tipper® to protect your customers’ secure information during the loading process. The bin tunnel is an enclosed structure, so it keeps the confidential documents sealed and away from the elements. It also eliminates the risk of the bin falling from the lift, creating a safer working environment.

The entire loading, unloading, and shredding systems are controlled from our state-of-the-art Plus+1® micro-control system with advanced intelligence, which has been designed by our top technicians to be powerful enough to not only control and monitor the system, but it also allows for a job timer, an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and Predictive Idle, to name a few of the features. The Plus+1® system offers a level of control and a range of features that are not possible with older analog control panels. It works in concert with the standard shredder and paper area cameras to provide real time video of the shredding process. This allows for the operator to monitor the process and customers to witness the destruction of their sensitive information to effectively ensure peace of mind. Additionally, the Plus+1® system communicates with the truck chassis to provide information and allow for the remote start and stop capability. It also provides shredding system performance data and can individually actuate each system component in maintenance mode. You don’t have to guess what is happening with your Shredding Truck. If it has the Plus+1® system, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your truck.

Both our MDS Fleet and MDX Fleet meet the EPA’s strict new low emissions standards and operate on ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel) or B5 Biodiesel fuel. All of our trucks are equipped with Shred-Tech®’s Predictive Idle with auto shutdown and remote panel start/stop. Predictive Idle senses low shredder loads and shuts off the high engine idle when the shredder is unattended and the hopper is empty. Moments later, the PTO’s are turned off along with the engine, reducing fuel consumption and lowering engine hours. Shred-Tech® is proud to continue our commitment to providing the most efficient and environmentally friendly shredding and collection vehicles available in the industry, and we are pleased to introduce these new features and equipment that follow Shred-Tech®’s Environmental Stewardship.

Please note that the throughputs stated are an estimate based on actual test data and can vary depending upon many factors, including paper type, system maintenance, and operator training. The legal payload capacity is an estimate based on chassis GVW only. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech® does not guarantee throughput or payload results. All of our trucks have a two-year limited warranty.

MDS-Line Shredding Trucks

For the perfect blend of high performance with advanced payload, we offer our high-quality MDS-Line of Mobile Shredding Trucks. These models feature a chassis GVW ranging from 26,000 lbs. all the way to 58,000 lbs. with legal payloads between 8,125 lbs. to 20,000 lbs., allowing you to choose between trucks that are more suited for medium-duty or heavy-duty applications. The MDS-Line gets its amazing performance from the proven ST-15H and ST-35H shredders. These cast aluminum shredders have exceptional strength without the weight of steel. Throughput on the ST-15H can range from 4,500 lbs. per hour to 7,000 lbs. per hour, and up to 12,000 lbs. per hour on the ST-35H. Our MDS-4-33 and MDS-4-58 are currently the only models that are equipped with our ST-35H shredder machine.

The MDS Shredding Trucks perfectly blend amazing performance with greater payload for better shredding capabilities.

The shredder machines feature hub knives, high strength alloy shafts as well as two all-new patent pending innovations: cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating feed hopper. With this vibrating feed hopper feature, should the shredder not sense enough pressure, it will start vibrating the upper portion of the hopper to shift the documents right into the shredder. These vibrations are contained to just the upper portion so that the rest of the truck remains unaffected. This shredder’s knives are engineered from high-quality metal, and each knife features a solid and sharp tip that can bite right through a stack of documents, eating through the information as if the papers were made out of butter.

MDX-Line Shredding Trucks

For ultra-high security, performance, and payload, we offer Shred-Tech®’s Patent Pending MDX Mobile Shredding Units with their revolutionary dual mode systems. They can be switched between standard and high security modes at just the touch of a button. When operating in standard mode, the bulletproof ST-15H shredder achieves up to 6,500 lbs. per hour of throughput. Activating the high security mode produces an incredibly small DIN-certified shred size while still maintaining an impressive throughput. Shred-Tech®’s MDX-Line features the first high-security Mobile Shredding Units, which do not rely on screens or moving additional shredders in and out of position. This makes these systems user friendly, reliable, easy to service, and cost effective.

The MDX Shredding Trucks promote ultra-high security with their revolutionary dual mode shredding systems.

Our line of MDX models features a chassis GVW ranging from 26,000 lbs. all the way to 58,000 lbs. with legal payloads between 7,500 lbs. to 19,300 lbs. so that you can decide if your company needs a truck that can handle medium-duty or heavy-duty applications. MDX trucks come equipped with Shred-Tech®’s twin-screw angled compactor design and durable moving floor unloading system. Both of these features work flawlessly together to ensure maximum payload as well as rapid discharge of shredded materials in just a few minutes at the facility. This means that your workers are spending more time on-route shredding paper and generating revenue.

26K Mobile Shredding Trucks

Enter the lucrative and self-sufficient document destruction industry with any of Shred-Tech’s 26K Mobile Shredding Trucks.

The 26K Mobile Shredding Truck series is an excellent way to join the lucrative business of shredding and data destruction. This is a powerhouse of a machine that packs a lot of punch in a smaller model, and with it you may be able to increase business by optimizing throughput and payload. This high-powered and effective shredder machine can reduce data into scraps, effectively destroying the material that is thrown inside right on the spot, saving plenty of time and gas. This truck is excellent for start-up opportunities, offering an increase in capacity so that you can take on more business, effectively enhancing your profits. Essential data destruction is a lot quicker and a lot easier with this machine, as it offers throughput options ranging from 1,000 lbs. all the way to 8,500 lbs.

Getting started in the secure data destruction industry is incredibly simple and straightforward once you get behind the wheel of this vehicle. Safely and ethically destroying confidential and personal information is an increasingly important industry, and having the means to do so can open a sustainable and profitable career path. The 26K series is an excellent way to get started on that path. This high-performing shredding truck is more than capable of effectively eradicating that confidential data. This truck does not require a CDL, making it a very open opportunity for anyone who wants to independently earn a living with their own sustainable business. This can open the pathway toward a much more lucrative and demanding industry that is constantly growing and evolving.

The size and performance of these vehicles make them a vital component to beginning your shredding business or for building upon your already established service. Their size also makes them essential when maneuvering through the tight streets of a packed city, allowing you to broaden your customer base, drawing in more opportunities to increase your business. This is a cost-effective investment that will lead to better payloads down the line.

33K Mobile Shredding Trucks

Greater capacity means more shredding opportunities thanks to the Shred-Tech 33K Mobile Shredding Trucks.

For an increase in both power and capacity, we recommend the high-performance and efficient shredding capabilities of the 33K Mobile Shredding Truck series. This is an incredibly effective model that can make short work of confidential documents in less time. Offering an increase in throughput, this series provides you with much greater opportunities to expand upon your already established customer base, making it a very lucrative option when it comes to scaling your business. This model is designed by our top engineers to be the quicker and much more effective option for the professional shredder. It offers the next step in expanding your fleet, bringing in more opportunities to shred through documents.

Built with an emphasis on durability and serviceability, the 33K trucks are designed to carry a larger load. They are engineered to handle the larger jobs with greater efficiency, allowing you to shred more and carry more in order to minimize the number of trips you need to make to the facility. These trucks are equipped with a powerful shredder machine that is capable of ripping through confidential documents like wet tissue paper, leaving nothing behind but a pile of indiscernible scraps. Once your clients see the destructive power of these machines, their faith in your company’s reliability to effectively protect their information will grow. The 33K trucks offer throughput options ranging from 1,000 lbs. all the way to 12,000 lbs. and feature a payload of up to 12,000 lbs., 13,300 lbs., or 14,000 lbs.

58K Mobile Shredding Trucks

The Shred-Tech 58K Mobile Shredding Trucks offer greater throughput, greater carrying capacity, and greater shredding power.

The 58K is the beast of the shredding truck industry. This powerful machine is able to devour documents in bulk, offering a much larger capacity than any other option. The shredder is designed with 46 knives that are able to slice through the thickest paper, rendering whatever documents that are thrown into it ineffective. This model is engineered with the highest throughput of 12,000 lbs. per hour along with the highest legal payload of up to 18,000 lbs., making it one of most heavy-duty options that we have available. It’s a powerhouse of the shredding industry, and it’s more than ready to prove its strength when it comes to shredding through data.

This is the type of shredding truck that you need when you want to out-perform in the shredding industry. It’s engineered for the businesses that need to constantly keep up with the increasing demands. Able to carry more of the shredded scraps, it allows you to travel to more clients sites and to farther locations, increasing your customer base so that you can generate even more revenue. Your workers also spend much less time at the facility, allowing them to quickly get right back onto the road to start shredding more.


Shred-Tech®’s collection of Mobile Shredding Trucks is designed mainly for paper shredding capabilities. These trucks are the essential components to taking over the document destruction industry, so our shredders are engineered to handle bulk loads of thick paper. Their knives are designed to bite deep into the paper and tear it apart thoroughly, effectively protecting your client’s confidential information by rendering it completely unreadable. Our trucks are designed and manufactured with high torque shear shredding technology that ensures a high security particle size for confidential document destruction. Shred-Tech®’s paper shredding systems are rugged, reliable, highly efficient, and backed by Shred-Tech®’s world famous service and support.