Shred-Tech MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck

  • CDL Required
  • Up to 7,000 lbs./hr. throughput
  • Up to 14,000 lbs. legal payload
  • High-performance 114HP ST-15H Shredder
  • Available in a 250 HP or 330 HP Chassis with either Air Brakes or Hydraulic Brakes
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Shred-Tech MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck

One of the most efficient ways to expand your shredding business to meet the constant demands of the document destruction industry is to acquire the Shred-Tech® MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck for your fleet. Engineered with a 33,000 lb. GVW chassis, this easy-to-maneuver vehicle allows you to take your business through congested city streets, and with a legal payload of 14,000 lbs., you can spend more time shredding and less time unloading at the facility. The truck is equipped with a single-shaft shredder that effectively rips through loads of paper with a throughput of up to 7,000 lbs. per hour, allowing you to keep up with demands. The MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck requires the driver to have a CDL to operate, which means that you are only putting professionally certified drivers behind the wheel.

The MDS-2S-33 mobile shredding truck is equipped with our powerful single-shaft ST-15H Shredder that easily tears through your customers’ confidential documents and renders them into illegible scraps. Your clients will walk away with peace of mind knowing that their important information is irretrievable once the shredding process is finished. This truck is also incredibly fuel efficient thanks to its auto shutdown capability. Should the shredder run empty, it detects the lack of pressure and gradually shuts down the truck’s engine until it is completely off. When you’re ready to shred more, you can fire up the engine, press the shred button, and everything comes back on automatically. From the control panel, you can choose the predictive auto shutdown settings to meet your specifications.

Standard Accessories for the MDS-2S-33

The MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck is designed with a number of high-quality standard accessories that are designed by our experts to enhance the overall performance of the truck. Each component is engineered to keep the shredding system functioning at maximum capacity, ensuring optimal support throughout the process. The truck is equipped with our high-powered ST-15H shredder that can reduce a load of paper into unintelligible scraps in seconds. The truck also features our smooth auger compactor and auto unloading system, durable bin tunnel, and user-friendly control panel.

ST-15H Shredder

You and your clients can witness the destructive power of the MDS-2S-33 shredding truck thanks to our solid, high-quality ST-15H Shredder. This is a high-performing machine that is built from cast aluminum for maximum strength and durability. With an impressive throughput of up to 7,000 lbs. per hour, it guarantees optimal efficiency as it helps increase workflow for your business. It is equipped with 36 sharp knives that can rip through confidential documents in mere seconds. The shredder features new innovations that are designed to enhance its performance: cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating hopper. If the shredder does not detect enough pressure, it will begin vibrating the upper portion of the hopper in order to automatically feed itself. These vibrations are contained within that upper section so that the rest of the shredder and truck remain unaffected.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading

For maximum unloading efficiency, our engineers designed our auger compactor and auto unloading system to function flawlessly together. The twin-screwed compactor pushes the shredded remains of the documents into the storage compartment in order to prevent buildup within the shredder. At the facility, the automatic walking floor unloading system then pushes all the scraps onto the floor in under five minutes. This means that your workers are spending less time cleaning up the scraps and more time generating revenue out on the road.

Bin Tunnel

The high-quality MDS-2S-33 paper shredding truck features our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper® bin tunnel loading system. This feature is designed to make the job easier for your workers, increasing the efficiency of the loading process. The Gripper Tipper® can be controlled right from the control panel and has the strength to hoist 64- or 96-gallon industry standard containers. The bin tunnel extends out from the side of the truck without exceeding the vehicle’s height. The loading system is designed to ensure that the confidential information remains protected from the elements while the bin remains secured and enclosed at all times.


The entire shredding process is controlled from our easy-to-access control panel located on the passenger side of the vehicle. The state-of-the-art Plus+1® micro-control system with advanced intelligence controls and monitors the entire system. It features many benefits, such as job timer, automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, and more. It also offers parallel ignition in which you can put the truck’s key in the auxiliary position from outside of the cab and use it to remotely start the truck directly from the control panel. There are also two cameras placed above the shredder and in the payload compartment so that your customers can witness the complete destruction of their personal information for better peace of mind.

Optional Accessories for the MDS-2S-33

Our team of engineers have included a variety of optional accessories that are designed to enhance the overall performance of the MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck. These include a useful backup camera for better visibility, a hard drive shredder for more revenue, a handy front cart storage area for convenience, and much more. Each component is expertly designed for optimal support that can help improve the shredding process. For information on even more optional accessories, you can contact a Shred-Tech® expert today and we’ll provide you with more information on how we can help craft a custom shredding solution that meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations!

Backup Camera with Stainless-Steel Guard

Our engineers recommend adding a backup camera with stainless-steel guard onto the back of the MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck to increase safety and convenience while out on the job. This is a large truck that can be difficult to maneuver in congested areas, so this handy camera can effectively increase the driver’s visibility while controlling the vehicle. The camera is housed within a stainless-steel guard that protects it from the elements and from physical impact.

Data Destruction

With the addition of the ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder, you can add to your bottom line by providing an additional revenue stream for your business. Data drive destruction capability is rapidly growing in this industry, and you can stay on top of it with this high-quality and destructive shredder that can easily reduce a hard drive into scrap in under five seconds. Self-contained and easy to operate, the shredder has low idle operation so that it works quietly and fuel efficiently. It has a throughput of 750 hard drives per hour and 1,000 solid state drives per hour.

Note: Adding an ST-5 Mobile Data Destruction Shredder will reduce payload.

Front Cart Storage

With the help of the front cart storage option for the MDS-2S-33 Shred Truck, your operators can work with more room for bins and carts. This new space is wide enough for you to store your 64-or 96-gallon industry standard bin containers with ease along with any of the leftover file boxes. It offers passenger side access to save your workers time.