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Industrial and commercial shredder solutions for startup, mid-market, and enterprise shredding and recycling businesses.

Industrial Shredders

Shred-Tech® got its start in 1978 offering world-class, reliable industrial shredders. Today, our complete line of industrial shredders can match a vast array of applications and includes cost-competitive and highly efficient models designed to optimize your workflow.

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Shredding Trucks

Shredding trucks are what Shred-Tech® is best known for! If you’re looking to start your own shredding business or expand and diversify your existing fleet, look no further than our super-fast, user-friendly, and value-oriented shredding trucks.

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Collection Trucks

Shred-Tech® paper collection trucks are a great way to grow and scale your business. Using a collection truck to bring documents in bulk back to your facility for shredding can help improve workflow and expand your customer base.

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Slow-Speed Shredders

We've partnered with Pronar to bring you super-tough, heavy-duty industrial slow-speed shredders. These shredders are perfect for large volume, landfill, and municipal waste applications, while their mobility is great for industrial shredding at multiple job locations.

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Need a shredding solution for a specific application? Choose your application below to check out a list of high-performance shredder machines that can meet your business requirements and get the job done right. Whether you’re shredding documents, plastic, e-waste, metal, wood, or more, we have a variety of shredder machines fit for the task.

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Shred-Tech® is proud to offer some of the highest quality shredding equipment in the world. Our team of dedicated experts designs and manufactures each product to perform at the highest capacity and last for years with excellent craftsmanship and user-friendliness for seamless operation and customer satisfaction. We’re ever dedicated to helping you stay on the path to success with complete customer service and support options, including maintenance, repairs, replacement parts, training, financing options, and more. At Shred-Tech®, we care about your success.

Unrivaled Industrial Machinery

Get a firsthand look at how our Pronar and Screenpod machinery can make the difference on your jobsite by significantly reducing bulky materials and screening them with ease. This reduces material volume and allows for easy transport.

Thorough Electronic Waste Shredding

Hard drives, computers, telecom equipment, and much more don’t stand a chance of remaining intact when put through one of our dedicated e-waste shredders. Physical destruction from a Shred-Tech® shredder makes information left on electronic devices completely irretrievable, so your customers can have peace of mind.

Speedy Hard Drive and Solid-State Drive Shredding

Add value to a new or existing Shred-Tech® shredding truck by including a dual mode data drive shredder. This shredder is a simple modification that can be made to any Shred-Tech® shredding truck to add an extra revenue stream to your business.

Industrial Slow-Speed Shredders

Whether you’re a large processor or a small municipality with slow-speed shredding applications, we offer shredding machines that can match your requirements. Our Pronar slow-speed shredders can easily handle disaster relief, construction and demolition waste, tire waste, green waste, and more!



Rent from Shred-Tech® for great value! Whether you are trying to accommodate a high-volume season or need a temporary replacement due to servicing/maintenance, Shred-Tech® has you covered. We offer commercial shredding equipment rentals on a weekly or monthly basis.

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How We Helped Pulp Recycling

“I was very aware of the MDX-1 model through conversations with Global Recycling-Shred-Tech at NAID conferences etc., and I believed it to be a ‘game-changer’ in relation to the massively increased throughput as well as the ability to shred at EN157 Level 6 of the click of a button.”

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