Rental Shredding Equipment

Shred-Tech® now offers rental equipment for your convenience. Customers can acquire our top-of-the-line shredding equipment without having to commit to a full investment. We offer both slow-speed shredders, mobile industrial equipment and shred trucks that can be rented or rented to purchase. This is a cost-effective solution for those who temporarily need a superior and high-performing shredder. It promotes better time efficiency since the renter doesn’t need to worry about maintenance and other aspects, removing that burden of responsibility to save time. Whether you are trying to accommodate a high-volume season or need a temporary replacement due to servicing/maintenance, Shred-Tech® has you covered. Our high-quality rental equipment is available for quick and reliable shredding situations. We have our rental slow-speed shredders that are designed to provide enhanced versatility when handling large-scale operations. Additionally, we have our rental shred trucks that are engineered by our experts to provide superior document destruction capabilities.

Sub Categories

Rental Mobile Shredders, Trommel Screens, Stacking Conveyors, and more

Our Pronar mobile shredders, trommel screens, stacking conveyors, and windrow turner are designed to provide you with versatile mobile industrial options for your job site. Pronar products are more than capable of handling high-volume demands in many industries. Bulky materials, such as scrap, wood, green waste, tires, and more, can be easily processed into the right shred size for further processing and recycling. These industrial machines are built with endurance and durability in mind as they can easily and reliably withstand constant demands throughout the day. Our Rental Purchase Option program can quickly get equipment on-site and in service for your business.

Rental Shredding Trucks

Renting a Shred-Tech® shred truck is an excellent way to enhance your already existing fleet or a perfect way to start your very own shredding business. Our shred trucks are engineered to provide superior shredding power as they easily destroy confidential documents in no time. Each truck has its benefits that can complement your business. For example, the MDS-2 rental truck is the perfect blend of high performance and compact design. It is very maneuverable and easy to navigate through congested city streets, yet still carries a surprising payload of up to 9,000 lbs. or up to 14,000 lbs. Whether you’re a new beginner or a seasoned professional in the document shredding industry, you can greatly benefit from Shred-Tech®’s dependable shred trucks.