Battery Recycling Shredders

Battery recycling is much easier with our commercial shredder machines. With each different battery comes varying challenges for proper recycling, but Shred-Tech®’s industrial shredder machines help to keep the process smooth. We offer a variety of high-performance battery shredders that can easily handle batteries ranging from lithium-ion and vehicle batteries to alkaline, lead acid, and nickel cadmium batteries, so you have a heavy-duty solution you can depend on for your specific application, or a versatile solution you can trust for all. These battery types cannot simply be thrown away in landfills or dumped heedlessly near water sources, since their heavy metal contents can easily contaminate both the ground and water sources that keep our societies and environment healthy. Not only that, but throwing away batteries eliminates the possibility of recovering precious materials that can be used for further processing and use in other products. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and vehicle batteries especially require a great deal of care and consideration in their reduction process due to their hazardous materials. LIBs have quickly become the electrochemical energy devices in North America for a wide range of applications, including electronics, mobile devices, pacemakers, and hearing aids, as well as electric vehicles. This is due in part to their longer life, higher voltage output, and improved resistance to self-discharge and elevated temperatures when compared to Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lead Acid (Pb-acid) batteries, making them a go-to choice for dependable energy. Contact our team to learn more today! 


Benefits of Shredding for Battery Recycling

Shredding batteries for recycling comes with several benefits that help move the process along smoothly, and because of the unique recycling challenges posed by the varying battery types, Shred-Tech® has ensured that our shredder machines have the full capability of safely and efficiently shredding them down to scraps that can be then further processed. One benefit to shredding batteries is easier retrieval of precious materials. Many batteries are manufactured with valuable metals and materials that are often thrown away without reuse. Our shredders break the battery materials down to a tiny size, which allows said materials to be more easily processed, retrieved, and recycled to generate further revenue and produce more goods. Another benefit is the protection of the environment. Too often batteries are simply thrown into landfills, or worse, dumped into the ocean or other bodies of water where the heavy metals within can cause substantial damage to the ecosystem, be it ground or water. By shredding batteries, those heavy metals and other materials are reduced, allowing for a proper and clean disposal and/or recycling process to take place.

Battery Shredding Machines

In order to ensure the highest level of protection for the environment, and to help our customers retrieve and recycle as many valuable materials as possible, Shred-Tech® offers our own line of industrial battery shredder machines. Our powerful sealed shredder utilizes a submerged setting to prevent the possibility of fire from LIBs and vehicle batteries, thus helping to liberate, classify, and concentrate all LIB and vehicle battery materials without altering their chemistry. Meanwhile, select models from our ST and STQ Shredder series help to shred alkaline, lead acid, and nickel cadmium batteries with ease thanks to their high-power motors, strong cutting force, and efficient speed. Looking for the right solution to make the battery shredding process a breeze? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the solution that best fits your application and requirements!