Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy a Paper Collection Truck vs a Box Truck

by Shred-Tech on Jun 10th 2022

Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy a Paper Collection Truck vs a Box Truck

Top 4 Reasons to Purchase a Paper Collection Truck vs a Box Truck

Box trucks have been used as multi-purpose vehicles over decades for storing and transporting a wide range of items and products. In the shredding industry, box trucks are typically used to transfer paper collection bins from the customer back to the facility. While this may seem like a cost-effective way of completing a paper collection job, there is a more reliable and productive method by utilizing the specialized power of paper collection trucks.

What is the Difference Between a Collection Truck & a Box Truck?

Box trucks are generally 10-26 feet in length and can range from 12,500-33,000 lbs. GVW. They often feature a roll-up door on the rear that opens to allow for the loading and unloading of material. Some models may also contain a door on the side to assist with side loading. While collecting paper, bins are typically lifted to trunk-level with a lift gate, then manually rolled into the truck, and lastly fastened to prevent moving and shifting during transport.

Alternatively, a collection truck boasts an entirely automated loading and unloading process. Depending on the model, loading is achieved either via the side or the rear. The process of loading paper using a collection truck is effortless as well; the paper is dumped loosely in the back of the truck using an automatic bin tipper and unloaded using an automatic walking floor system.

Why Should I Choose a Collection Truck over a Box Truck for Paper Collection?

While both trucks can be used for the same purpose, the collection truck was specifically designed for use in the paper industry and thus offers many unique advantages over the standard box truck. Below are the top four reasons why paper collection trucks are a better choice compared to your average box truck.

Reason Number 1: Superior Payload

Paper collection trucks offer over 35% greater payload than box trucks, which allows you to fit more in one go without having to frequently return to the facility. Since box trucks don’t allow for stacking of bins, when you put bins into a box truck you can only have them lined up on one level. With a collection truck, however, you can use the entire volume of the truck since no bins are required.

For instance, in a 26,000 lb. GVW box truck, you could transport up to 40 64-gallon bins weighing out to around 8,000 lbs. However, a collection truck of the same GVW provides an impressive legal payload of over 11,000 lbs. since the paper is carried loose in the storage compartment.

Reason Number 2: Increased Profits

Purchasing a collection truck is an excellent way to scale and grow your business so that you can maintain a top position in this competitive industry of data collection and destruction. The optimal holding capacity allows you to visit more customer sites without the need to make frequent stops to unload at the facility. Time can be spent more productively generating revenue for your business.

Reason Number 3: Greater Productivity

Collection trucks allow you to be more efficient with your time and promote improved productivity with convenient, easy-to-use features. Fewer bins are required during collection and there’s no need to swap bins. For example, when using a box truck to collect paper and documents, bins must be replaced regularly to keep a steady workflow. However, collection trucks utilize the bin tipper mechanism that can be activated with a simple touch of a button to dump the bin into the storage compartment and put it immediately back in its place. Another advantage of collection trucks is that no securement process is required to hold bins in place during transport since no bins are required.

Reason Number 4: Improved Safety

There are more dangers to consider when using a box truck versus a collection truck. The main reason being the use of a lift gate. When using a lift gate, there is potential for numerous injuries due to excessive cargo loads, failure to secure a load, and lift gate malfunctions. With a collection truck, however, there’s next to no cases of injuries thanks to the completely automated loading and unloading processes. These not only save you extra time to generate more revenue, but they keep operators safe! All in all, a collection truck is not only the safer purchase compared to a box truck, but is the more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective solution in the shredding industry.

Shred-Tech® manufactures both the Lockbox Series and the Select Series Collection Trucks, providing you with reliable, high-performing vehicles that help you get the job done right. Whether you prefer rear-loading or side-loading, Shred-Tech® ensures that whichever collection truck you choose, you know that you are receiving the best that the document collection and destruction industry has to offer.

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