Industrial Shredding Applications

Since 1978, Shred-Tech® has been dedicated to helping you shred nearly everything! Whether you’re looking to start a business with paper shredding, seeking to diversify with plastics recycling, or interested in expanding your shredding capabilities to include medical waste, e-waste, and more, Shred-Tech® has a solution that can give you the edge you need to drive profits and propel your business forward. Our offering of Shred Trucks, Collection Trucks, Stationary Shredders, and Mobile Shredders gives you the tools you need to match your business requirements and be successful in this lucrative industry whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to get a foot in the door or a well-established shredding and recycling enterprise seeking a high return on your investment.

Even if you’re unsure of what solution you may need, Shred-Tech® is here to guide you along your journey to finding the best possible solution to your problem. Keep scrolling to check through our wide list of applications and choose yours. From there, we’ll show you our top picks that you can explore. If you ever need assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today; we’ll gladly go step by step with you to find a solution that meets your specific application and business requirements.

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Aluminum Shredders

As one of the most recycled materials for both consumers and industries due to its quality retention following the recycling process, aluminum is a highly necessary and useful material in this industry. Scrap aluminum is found in a vast range of sources, including household items, vehicles, building materials, computers, sheets, cans, and much more, making it a highly abundant material with a welcoming opportunity for processing and recycling businesses. Thanks to its soft composition, aluminum is easily shredded into small scraps, where it can be further processed via a de-lacquering process to remove paint before being furnace-melted and formed into ingots for reuse in manufacturing facilities. Shred-Tech® industrial shredder machines make recycling aluminum a breeze with our heavy-duty motors, super-sharp cutting knives, high tip cutting force, and optimum efficiency and speed. With our wide range of quality shredders, you’re sure to find a machine that fits your business requirements.

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Battery Recycling Shredders

Shred-Tech® offers complete battery shredding capabilities for the recycling process to help reduce waste volume, retrieve valuable materials, and help preserve the health of the environment. From lithium-ion and electric vehicle batteries to alkaline batteries, lead batteries, and nickel cadmium batteries, Shred-Tech® battery shredders can get the job done easily to help you drive your business forward with success. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are currently driving the electric vehicle industry forward while also becoming the most distinguished electrochemical energy devices in North America. They have quickly become the main battery of choice for powering a vast array of devices, including electronics, mobile devices, pacemakers, hearing aids, and more thanks to their longer life, higher voltage output, and improved resistance to self-discharge and elevated temperatures when compared to Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lead Acid (Pb-acid) batteries. Due to their popularity, more LIBs are ending up in landfills where they can harm the environment, while recyclable and usable materials are lost. The same is true for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, where more EV batteries are produced than recycled in today’s market, meaning that most end up in landfills instead of undergoing proper processing. If the EV batteries are recycled, they are only done partially so, where only the most valuable materials are retrieved while the remainder of the battery is disposed of to harm the environment, either in landfills or the ocean. Shred-Tech® answers the call with our own mechanical shredding processes in the form of the Aqueous Shredder, which is designed to liberate, classify, and concentrate all LIB and EV battery materials without altering their chemistry, allowing for complete shredding and recycling. Our shredding process further permits refinement of the materials via hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, or a mix of both. We offer other industrial battery shredding solutions for a complete range of solutions you can rely on. Shred-Tech® has the tools to help you carve a niche in the market and build a strong business that will grow and endure in the coming years.

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Electronic Waste Shredders

The safe disposal of electronic hardware and waste has become increasingly prevalent concern as the digital age moves forward. In fact, end-of-life (EOL) legislation, which is currently implemented in many countries and is pending throughout Europe and North America, dictates that e-waste be properly disposed of via complete physical destruction. By engineering easy-to-use solutions that thoroughly shred and recover the component materials of e-waste, Shred-Tech® helps you take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. We offer a range of modular and custom solutions that give you plenty of flexibility to tailor your system to your requirements. With the ability to process desktops, mainframe computers, telecommunication switching racks, medical and military equipment, circuit boards, mobile phones, and more to retrieve plastic, aluminum, copper, steel and precious metals, Shred-Tech® e-waste solutions make recycling these components simple and profitable. We even offer our popular ST-5 Data Destruction Shredder, which is based on a modular platform that can be implemented as a plug-in unit, a stationary unit, or as a highly convenient mobile shred truck accessory that can provide an additional revenue stream!

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General Waste Shredders

General waste like common items and miscellaneous trash can be easily reduced for further use or processing with Shred-Tech® powerful shredder machines. In fact, we engineer and manufacture complete shredding and recycling systems that have been utilized the world over to shred, destroy, and recover a wide range of off-spec, mispackaged, and outdated products, including precious metals from computers and telecommunications scrap, nylon from carpet, recyclables from MSW, and more.

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Green Waste Shredders

In order to not only free up landfill space but also reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere, Shred-Tech® has made it easy to reduce and dispose of organic biomass and green waste that may otherwise quickly become an issue. Thanks to our powerful, high-torque, high-performance, and durable shredder machines, we can provide you with a solution that reduces materials like food, garden and lawn clippings, plants, animal materials, wood, and more into a perfectly usable compost. Using a Shred-Tech® green waste shredder machine can reduce green waste volume by half to support handling, transport, and disposal while also increasing the composting speed 10 times over for superior efficiency and profitability.

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Hazardous Waste Shredders

In order to properly dispose of hazardous waste, you need machinery that meets strict regulations and offers the necessary strength and durability to withstand the daily demands of the job. Look no further than Shred-Tech®’s heavy-duty industrial hazardous waste shredders! Whether you’re dealing with hazardous household wastes, solid waste, empty or filled drums, aerosols, paint, radioactive waste, ammunition, or more, Shred-Tech® can partner with you to provide you with the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective hazardous waste shredding solution that drives profits and helps maintain long-term success for your business. Our mobile shredders are also an excellent method of producing refuse-derived fuel (RDF) thanks to their durable construction and super-strong cutting force that reduces municipal waste to scraps. The proper disposal of hazardous materials is necessary to both conserve and reuse valuable resources while also protecting human and environmental health as much as possible. Our selection of heavy-duty mobile shredders breaks down a wide range of hazardous materials to permit easier transportation via condensed waste volumes and to aid in the recycling process. Some hazardous materials may also be shredded to reduce waste volume before disposal in landfills or incinerators. Trust Shred-Tech® to ensure you have the right shredder machines that provide high safety and minimize the risk of spills, fires, contamination, and more, and help you easily remain in line with regulations.

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Landfill Shredders

Whether you’re dealing with large volumes of trash, bulky objects, or tough materials in landfills, Shred-Tech® has handy, convenient, and powerful solutions that can keep the workflow and cashflow smooth with each day. The increased demand for complete, turnkey landfill solutions that are both high-quality and cost-effective inspired us to answer the call with an Exclusive North American dealer partnership with Pronar, which allows us to offer you super-tough, high-torque, slow-speed mobile landfill shredder machines capable of reducing some of the most troublesome materials to tiny scraps without issue. Our range of mobile shredders is engineered and manufactured to ensure the smooth pre-processing of a wide array of material types to ensure high landfill versatility and usefulness. Thanks to their mobility, our slow-speed mobile shredders can be easily moved onto and off of different job sites whenever needed, while lorry or low-bed trailer compatibility makes them compatible with long-distance transport.

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Medical Waste Shredders

Shred-Tech® prides itself on offering a wide variety of high-tech, efficient, and precise shredding and recycling systems that are used throughout the globe in several hospitals and medical facilities. Fabrics, glass, plastics, stainless-steel instruments, and even the toughest medical grade materials can be easily reduced and recovered. Even large and bulky waste materials and products can be reduced by up to 70%, rendering them into unrecognizable scraps. For only the most thorough medical waste reduction and destruction, choose Shred-Tech® shredding and recycling solutions!

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Metal Shredders

Whether it’s high-volume magnesium sprue and runner reduction, or the destruction of some of the toughest applications like titanium plate and sheet stock, Shred-Tech® heavy-duty and industrial metal shredder machines have the power, efficiency, and durability to get the job done. High-torque, slow-speed shredding permits large, bulky, and super-tough materials to be thoroughly reduced to scraps, while a closed loop hydraulic system absorbs the heavy shock loads that come with shredding hard metals. Other common applications include baled aluminum, bailed radiators, ACSR cable, industrial, military and consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, switching gear and more, so you have the confidence that no matter the problem, Shred-Tech® has a quality solution that can help your business stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Shredders

Each Shred-Tech® shredding and recycling machine has been carefully engineered and meticulously manufactured to offer high performance, efficiency, and strength to meet the daily demands of the job while remaining durable and reliable enough to last for years. MSW like food, household items, and general scraps and waste are no problem for Shred-Tech® shredder machines and recycling equipment. Our shredders feature tough motors, super-sharp steel cutting knives, intuitive controls, easy operation, and modular construction for simple, no-hassle maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. With Shred-Tech®’s solutions, it’s both fast and easy to recover precious materials, recyclables, and more so nothing gets left behind, and you can more easily drive profits.

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Pallet Shredders

Pallet recycling, whether they be wood or plastic pallets, poses a unique challenge due to their larger size, wide shape, and construction consisting of multiple materials like wood, plastic, and metal. This challenge is no problem for Shred-Tech® engineering! Our powerful, heavy-duty shredder machines offer wide openings to accommodate pallet sizes, while tough motors produce significant torque on sharp steel cutting knives that bite firmly through the material, effectively reducing even full pallets into mere scraps in a matter of seconds. Following shredding, separating equipment can be used to collect the various materials for further use, thus allowing you to fully recycle every pallet and make the most of your shredding or recycling business with ease and efficiency.

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Paper Shredders

Paper shredding and collecting are some of Shred-Tech®’s specialties! Our powerful paper shredding machines range from fast and convenient shred trucks that can be taken anywhere, to heavy-duty, industrial stationary shredder machines that can easily shred up to 15 tons of paper per hour with high security capabilities for maximum confidentiality and customer peace of mind. Our shred trucks feature efficient throughputs with an easy-to-use yet powerful microcontroller system that puts complete shredding power at your fingertips. By maintaining a high level of safety for the operator with a range of handy features, including high-security shredding options, our shred trucks have become some of our most popular solutions. Our stationary shredders offer the highest volume and performance for paper shredding and can easily turn bulk paper loads into piles of scrap in minutes, while our heavy-duty mobile shredders are built for shredding paper in some of the largest quantities at landfills. Don’t let the competition get the upper hand; team up with Shred-Tech® and we’ll help you take your paper shredding business to the next level!

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Plastic Shredders

Shred-Tech® industrial plastic shredder machines are the ideal choice for shredding and reducing plastic waste materials. Our high-performance plastic shredders meet a wide variety of applications, including purgings, lumps, sprues, runners, tough fibers, thin films, plastic waste materials, rejects from injection and blow-molded processes, and more, meaning that we have a solution for you whether you’re just entering the plastics recycling business or you’re an established enterprise seeking to diversify, scale, or grow your operations. Our systems easily retrieve post-consumer and industrial plastic wastes, while large-molded waste items are reduced via powerful dual- and quad-shaft shredder machines to permit material extrusion or reuse in molding.

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Textile & Carpet Shredders

Textiles are highly common materials found in multiple household items and industries, including clothing, kitchenware, bedding, carpet, upholstery, etc., and so a powerful method of textile reduction is required to keep up with the high demand and volume. Shredding textiles also allows them to be recycled for use in other similar products or even as paper or fuel. Shred-Tech® has purposely built our heavy-duty textile shredder machines to handle high volume loads and boast excellent durability you can depend on to meet daily demands and get the job done quickly. Our shredders are easily maintained and repaired thanks to the high quality of the components and a handy modular design that allows components to be removed and reinstalled quickly and simply, allowing for years of dependable service. Get ahead of the competition and partner with use! We’ll guide you to the best solution that perfectly matches your application and requirements.

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Tire Shredders

As the demand for efficient and effective tire and rubber recycling has rapidly grown over the last several years due to minimized landfill volumes, environmental pressures, and the development of end-use markets that consume scrap tires, Shred-Tech® has taken the opportunity to provide high-performance, heavy-duty tire shredding solutions that meet demands and produce a high ROI for our customers. With an offering of high-torque, high-volume shredders that can tear through automobile, truck, and off-road tires at throughputs up to 20 tons per hour, we have the full range of capabilities required to stay on top of the industry and maintain both a healthy workflow and cashflow. For maximum power, efficiency, lasting quality, and cost-effectiveness, Shred-Tech® heavy-duty tire shredder machines boast the highest knife tip cutting force in the industry, as well as high ease of maintenance and repair thanks to modular engineering. Go with Shred-Tech® and you’ll have an industry partner ready to help boost your business.

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Wood Shredders

Shredding wood is no problem for Shred-Tech® heavy-duty shredder machines! Many of our industrial stationary shredder machines and mobile shredder machines accept wood and can be used to quickly and completely reduce everything from tree branches to wood pallets and furniture into scraps in a matter of mere minutes. This fast shredding and reduction process allows the wood scraps to then be more easily disposed of or further processed to produce other products following complete recycling. Shred-Tech® makes the wood shredding process easier by providing efficient, durable, and cost-effective shredder machines. Our shredders feature powerful motors that provide the proper torque to allow sharp steel cutting knives to tear smoothly through dense wood, while a modular design means components are easily removed and reinstalled so maintenance and repairs can be completed in less time and at a lower cost. Partner with us and we’ll work closely with you to develop a solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

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