“Shred-Tech® has helped us capitalize on the demand for on-site shredding services.”
Sean Fredricks, Code Shred
“The Shred-Tech 10GT mobile shredding truck has been everything I envisioned when I ordered it. Driving the truck is undemanding, and delivers superior comfort and handling.”
David Bixler, Veteran Shredding
“Since using the Shred-Tech® mobile shredding system my customer base has increased 15 percent each month.”
Joe Bahnatka, Record Storage Solutions, Inc.
“The learning curve for using Shred-Tech® trucks is very short and we appreciate their ease-of-use.”
Greg Olynyk, EnviroShred
“Our business is built upon Shred-Tech® equipment. Our mobile and stationary shredders are such proven workhorses, I never worry about down-time.”
Jim Gitas, Datashred Inc.
“I’ve been very happy with the customer service I’ve received from Shred-Tech®.”
Jay Burns, Crown Shredding
“Shred-Tech® understands the haste needed to keep trucks in working condition. They go above and beyond, fixing any problem that may arise.”
John Anderson, Shred 360
“Shred-Tech® made it possible for us to work for ourselves by providing all the required resources to start our own mobile document destruction business.”
John Chapman and Tom Hanlon, A Shred Ahead
“When I wrote the business plan for my shredding business, I thought the projection of purchasing 1 new shredding vehicle per year for the first 5 years was too aggressive. But after 5 years in business, we put 8 Shred-Tech® trucks on the road and dominated the Metro Boston market.”
Marc Pontbriant, Pro-Tech Shredding
“There will always be a demand for shredding services – it’s a recession-proof industry.”
Debbie Shannon, Action Secure Shredding
“The features that impressed us the most? That’s a long list. The MDX-1 is a real game changer.”
Kristjan Backman, Owner, Phoenix Recycling
“I wouldn’t buy anything other than Shred-Tech. The variety of equipment they offer, the service levels and the back-up have helped us grow our business.”
Simon Franklin, Owner, Shred Station
“They are approachable… its good to speak to people who have real (industry) experience.”
Russell Harris, Owner, Shred Secure
“The (Shred-Tech) ST-35 is the best machine in the industry; I can’t find enough paper to keep the machine busy”
Lloyd Williams, Owner, Shredall
“The quicker we can get in and out…the more profit we make.”
Jeff Rupp, Owner, Incred-A-Shred
“When we broke a shaft on our secondhand Shred-Tech® truck, they had a technician down to me who worked through the night to fix it.”
Derek Rees, Owner, Adrea On-Site Security Shredding
“Shred-Tech® has been a fantastic partner, enabling us to get into the shredding business and promoting us within their network.”
Mike Golinbaux, Document and Network Technologies
“We surpassed all of our sales targets for our first year in business… Shred-Tech®’s equipment has clearly benefitted us.”
Adam Johnston & Shawn Shapton, Owners, Integra Document Destruction Inc.
“If somebody wants to get into this business, and they work with Shred-Tech®, they’ll be successful and profitable.”
Bob Korkos, Vice President, Automated Shredding Inc.
“We don’t want to be truck guys, we want to be grow our business guys.”
Tom Hanlon & John Chapman, Co-owners, A Shred Ahead
“The right sales plan, the right marketing plan, and with Shred-Tech®’s equipment, being as reliable as it is, it’s a good formula for success and a good formula for profitability.”
Jay Burns, Owner, Crown Shredding
“We were amazed at the enormity of the company, the knowledge that they had. We knew we were in the right place.”
Rosien Watkins, Owner, Shred Experts
“A big selling factor and a huge selling tool when I’m out there competing”
Dana Muller, Owner, Shredding Network
“Legal Shred is proud to drive and operate Shred-Tech® trucks to service our vast client base. To date, we have purchased 15 trucks, which have not only been employed by our previous company, Code Shred, but have been the only trucks in Legal Shred’s Florida fleet.
Shred-Tech® has always been reliable, steadfast, and supportive of our efforts. To have someone who is more like a partner and who understands our needs, that is where we find value in Shred-Tech®.”

Sean Fredricks , Legal Shred