Customer Testimonials – AMG Resource

AMG Resources has grown into one of the world’s largest processors and marketers of ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metal and a leading supplier of prime and secondary steel products by providing the highest level of customer service, leveraging its marketing expertise to offer competitive pricing and being creative in finding solutions for its customers’ needs.

General Manager, Tom Gallion, comments:

“The Baltimore facility has unique challenges in preparing our materials given the fact that the majority of it arrives by rail in tightly packed bales. The HAAS Tyron, with its fully programmable, independently driven twin-shafts allowed us the ability to open these bales, providing an ideal shred sizes for downstream processing. The ongoing support of Shred-Tech, the HAAS sole distributor for North- and Latin-America was key in the decision for making this purchase”.

Customer Testimonials – Bagnall and Morris

Bagnall and Morris have been in business for over 60 years, with locations nationwide offering trade waste collection, hazardous waste disposal and secure shredding services.  They can also offer tailored total waste management solutions.

Recently B&M purchased a Shred-Tech ST-75E Static Shredder to complement their existing secure shredding services and expand their off-site shredding capabilities.

After looking over several different options, they went for the ST-75E for its unrivalled performance and robust design when compared to other similar shredders.

Director of B&M Secure Shredding, Paul Curtis, states: 

“The ST-75E was a great fit for us to increase our capacity for our off-site shredding service. Once we saw one in action and saw the quality of the design, and first-hand the performance it would offer, it was an easy decision for us. We already have Shred-Tech mobile shredding equipment and we have found this to be very reliable so we were confident in the Shred-Tech model. On top of that Global Recycling have always looked after us well when it comes to service and maintenance, so we had peace of mind that in buying the ST-75E we would be able to continue that good relationship.”

Customer Testimonials – Pulp Recycling

Pulp Recycling MDX-1

Pulp Recycling MDX-1

Pulp was founded in 2004, beginning with one on-site shredding truck. The company has grown organically over the past 11 years and now offers an all-Ireland confidential shredding service with both on-site and off-site options. They operate their own baling facility also. Recently, the company decided to purchase a new on-site shredding vehicle and chose the Shred Tech MDX-1 as their preferred model.

General Manager, Brian Young, explains why:

“The vast majority of our growth in the past 4 years had been in our off-site shredding service. This was partly due to the fact that customers were looking for the most cost effective method to have their secure data destroyed; partly due to the fact that we developed an innovative method of off-site shredding which guarantees absolute security. Also during this time, we had managed to increase efficiencies within our on-site shredding fleet so were not in a position to purchase a new on-site shredding vehicle for some time. However, we were always aware that our fleet would need updating at some stage, so we had kept ourselves informed of developments in the market place.

I was very aware of the MDX-1 model through conversations with Global Recycling/Shred-Tech at NAID conferences etc., and I believed it to be a ‘game-changer’ in relation to the massively increased throughput as well as the ability to shred at EN15713 Level 6 at the click of a button. I had always asked other (mostly UK based) shredding operators what their experience was with this model and their feedback couldn’t have been more positive. Therefore, when we began seeing an increase in our on-site business, we knew the time was right to purchase a new vehicle.

We did a lot of investigating to see what else was available, but in truth the next closest option was the MDS-2 also supplied by Shred-Tech. However, we felt that the option to shred to Level 6 was too good to pass by. Therefore, we made the decision to place the order.

I couldn’t compliment the Global Recycling/Shred-Tech team enough. They did everything to ensure the vehicle was delivered ahead of schedule and all aspects were taken care of. The timing couldn’t have been better as the paint had barely dried before we had it in operation! The team of operators we have using the truck are two of our most experienced and they can’t get over the speed and ease of use at which it operates. It has greatly increased the amount of work we can get through in one day.

The future is extremely bright for us here in PULP now, as we are having conversations with existing and potential clients about our ability to shred to such a high standard. It has also given us some much needed capacity in our fleet, enabling preventative maintenance. However, our sales team are busy filling it!”.

“Shred-Tech® has helped us capitalize on the demand for on-site shredding services.”
Sean Fredricks, Code Shred
“The Shred-Tech 10GT mobile shredding truck has been everything I envisioned when I ordered it. Driving the truck is undemanding, and delivers superior comfort and handling.”
David Bixler, Veteran Shredding
“Since using the Shred-Tech® mobile shredding system my customer base has increased 15 percent each month.”
Joe Bahnatka, Record Storage Solutions, Inc.
“The learning curve for using Shred-Tech® trucks is very short and we appreciate their ease-of-use.”
Greg Olynyk, EnviroShred
“Our business is built upon Shred-Tech® equipment. Our mobile and stationary shredders are such proven workhorses, I never worry about down-time.”
Jim Gitas, Datashred Inc.
“I’ve been very happy with the customer service I’ve received from Shred-Tech®.”
Jay Burns, Crown Shredding
“Shred-Tech® understands the haste needed to keep trucks in working condition. They go above and beyond, fixing any problem that may arise.”
John Anderson, Shred 360
“Shred-Tech® made it possible for us to work for ourselves by providing all the required resources to start our own mobile document destruction business.”
John Chapman and Tom Hanlon, A Shred Ahead
“When I wrote the business plan for my shredding business, I thought the projection of purchasing 1 new shredding vehicle per year for the first 5 years was too aggressive. But after 5 years in business, we put 8 Shred-Tech® trucks on the road and dominated the Metro Boston market.”
Marc Pontbriant, Pro-Tech Shredding
“There will always be a demand for shredding services – it’s a recession-proof industry.”
Debbie Shannon, Action Secure Shredding
“The features that impressed us the most? That’s a long list. The MDX-1 is a real game changer.”
Kristjan Backman, Owner, Phoenix Recycling
“I wouldn’t buy anything other than Shred-Tech. The variety of equipment they offer, the service levels and the back-up have helped us grow our business.”
Simon Franklin, Owner, Shred Station
“They are approachable… its good to speak to people who have real (industry) experience.”
Russell Harris, Owner, Shred Secure
“The (Shred-Tech) ST-35 is the best machine in the industry; I can’t find enough paper to keep the machine busy”
Lloyd Williams, Owner, Shredall
“The quicker we can get in and out…the more profit we make.”
Jeff Rupp, Owner, Incred-A-Shred
“When we broke a shaft on our secondhand Shred-Tech® truck, they had a technician down to me who worked through the night to fix it.”
Derek Rees, Owner, Adrea On-Site Security Shredding
“Shred-Tech® has been a fantastic partner, enabling us to get into the shredding business and promoting us within their network.”
Mike Golinbaux, Document and Network Technologies
“We surpassed all of our sales targets for our first year in business… Shred-Tech®’s equipment has clearly benefitted us.”
Adam Johnston & Shawn Shapton, Owners, Integra Document Destruction Inc.
“If somebody wants to get into this business, and they work with Shred-Tech®, they’ll be successful and profitable.”
Bob Korkos, Vice President, Automated Shredding Inc.
“We don’t want to be truck guys, we want to be grow our business guys.”
Tom Hanlon & John Chapman, Co-owners, A Shred Ahead
“The right sales plan, the right marketing plan, and with Shred-Tech®’s equipment, being as reliable as it is, it’s a good formula for success and a good formula for profitability.”
Jay Burns, Owner, Crown Shredding
“We were amazed at the enormity of the company, the knowledge that they had. We knew we were in the right place.”
Rosien Watkins, Owner, Shred Experts
“A big selling factor and a huge selling tool when I’m out there competing”
Dana Muller, Owner, Shredding Network