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“Our mission is to supply our customers with complete, profitable, and environmentally correct materials shredding and recycling solutions.”

About Us

Shred-Tech® is a well-trusted manufacturer of shredding and recycling solutions, including stationary shredders, shredding trucks, collection trucks, and heavy-duty mobile shredders. We are the largest manufacturer of shred trucks and have the largest global footprint of any specialty shredding manufacturer in the world. Our approach is to first get to know and understand our customers in an effort to provide them unyielding support in their mission. We are also known to have shaped the shred truck platform that has created more millionaires within the industry than any other shredding company. From the start, we knew that our mission is to bring our customers durable, cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable shredding equipment and to support both startups and enterprises on their shredding journey.



  • 1978: John Bell started Shred-Tech®

Powerful Stationary Shredders

Since 1978, Shred-Tech® has designed and manufactured first-class shredding and recycling systems and was quickly recognized worldwide for its first-class products and engineering innovation. John Bell started Shred-Tech® business by providing the market with top-of-the-line stationary (facility-based or plant-based) materials processing systems and equipment, which allowed us to help thousands of companies around the world shred everything from tires and plastics to office paper, metals, E-scrap, and just about everything in between.


  • 1980: Introduced the first high-volume tire shredder to Europe
  • Around 1986: Developed the first Mobile Paper Shredding Truck
  • 1987: Created the ST-500 Stationary Shredder, the largest hydraulic shredder of the time
  • 1988: Purchased 6-7 shred trucks for a trial run
  • 1989: Created the first transportable hazardous waste shredder


High-Performance Shred Trucks

Around 1986, Shred-Tech® took a great leap forward by designing the first Mobile Paper Shredding Truck. This innovation revolutionized the document shredding industry and solidified our position as the number one shredding and recycling product manufacturer in the industry. With a completely innovative design and including such unique features like a side lift gate for quick and easy bin loading, a convenient “hand loading” space, and a finger-style auger compactor that smoothly transferred paper scraps to a storage compartment, the new shred truck opened a massive door into the future for countless entrepreneurs and established shredding and recycling companies around the world.

From then on, Shred-Tech® shred trucks fueled rapid growth in document shredding, and today Shred-Tech® is the largest shred truck manufacturer in the world. With an offering of top-quality shred trucks with the latest innovations as well as budget-friendly options and used trucks, we have a full range of options ideal for both the startup entrepreneur and the established enterprise.



  • 1991: Shred-Tech® USA was established
  • 1993: First shredder exported to Japan
  • 1995: First tire shredder built
  • 1996: Introduced the 75GT Shred Truck
  • 1999: Developed several system innovations, including:
    • MDS-20 Shred Truck Slant Wall
    • Internal Bin Tipper system
    • Hoist Lift system
    • Improved throughput rates for the MDS-25 Shred Truck
  • 1999: Developed the ST-1200 Stationary Shredder

The 1990s brought great changes and innovations for both Shred-Tech® and the shredding industry as a whole. Starting in 1991, Shred-Tech® USA was established and allowed us to branch out even further to offer improved international service while paving the way for us to become the leading shredding manufacturer with the largest global footprint. By introducing some of the most prominent advances in shredding technology we were able to expand our operations even further and help more businesses get off the ground or break through growth plateaus. Some of these advances included faster unloading times with a Shred Truck Slant Wall, an Internal Bin Tipper system to replace shredder handfeeding and improve safety, a Hoist Lift system to raise bins and dump paper for ease of use, and higher throughput rates with the MDS-25 Shred Truck to increase efficiency and keep workflow smooth. Not only that, but in 1999 we answered the call from shredding and recycling companies asking for greater power to handle higher volumes of materials, so we developed the super-tough ST-1200 Stationary Shredder, which was our largest shredder manufactured at the time.


  • 2000: Developed the first single shaft shredder
  • Around 2000: Introduced the “Ground Tipper” (GT) with the patented bin tunnel and Ground Level Operators Controls
  • 2003: Began offering coaching, mentoring, and networking services
  • 2003: Developed the first quad shaft shredder
  • Around 2005: Introduced the Walking Floor Unloading System
  • 2006: Sold our first collection truck
  • Around 2008: Introduced the Non-CDL shred truck option


In the 2000s, we took the initiative to continue driving the shredding industry forward rather than following the coattails of other companies. Pictured here is the first single shaft shredder Shred-Tech® developed in the year 2000. Also around the year 2000, we introduced our patented Ground Tipper (GT) bin tipping system with Ground Level Operators Controls, which included a hefty bin tunnel that kept the operator safe while also protecting confidential documents from weather effects. The new control system was designed with user-friendliness in mind without sacrificing any quality or capabilities, so operators could now easily access simple ground level bin loading and have access to numerous handy features and controls. In fact, our 75GT shredder model was often described as a “bullet-proof beast” and was one of the first “high-speed” mobile shred trucks on the market. Over 20 years later and many of these shredders still operate daily! Later on, we took another leap forward by introducing a brand-new automatic Walking Floor Unloading System, which could unload an entire truckful of paper scraps in under five minutes, meaning operators could get back on the road quickly and service more customers in a day for increased revenue generation and profitability.

Starting in 2003, Shred-Tech® took on an even more collaborative and engaged approach with our customers; we began helping a great number of people start their own shredding business by offering comprehensive coaching, mentoring, and networking services, all while providing high-quality and dependable shred trucks that got the job done. This new approach guided our direction as a business moving forward as we sought to encourage new shredding businesses to form and established companies to scale and grow.

Efficient Paper Collection Trucks

As the shredding and recycling industry grew and customers’ needs and applications changed, Shred-Tech® took the initiative and spearheaded the design and development of shredding collection trucks in 2006. Customers looking to save costs on scaling or expanding their shredding and recycling business with high ROI required a new, more efficient, and value-priced option that gave them the freedom to take their business to the next level. That’s where Shred-Tech® mobile document collection trucks came in! High-performance engineering, dependable construction, and complete, full-service support allowed Shred-Tech® collection trucks to unlock new business opportunities for our customers and drive profits.

Around 2008, many customers were seeking ways to enter the shredding industry even faster and mid-market shredding companies required a means to get shred and collection truck drivers on the road as fast as possible. We spearheaded the challenge by introducing Non-CDL truck options, which meant that almost anyone could purchase a truck and immediately put it to use. This was made possible by our dedicated Shred-Tech® engineering team and the introduction of the 15 Shredder Head, which offered a reduced shredder size and weight while also achieving a generous throughput. Now, many entrepreneurs get their start with Non-CDL shred truck models from Shred-Tech® and save a great deal of time and money.


  • August 2016: Acquired AXO Shredders
  • 2017: Expanded locations in Raleigh, NC
  • 2019: Created the industry-leading Lockbox RC-19 Collection Truck
  • 2019: Acquired by The Heico Companies


Shred-Tech® continued to gain momentum in the 2010s and sought to lead the competitive pack. By acquiring AXZO Shredders in 2016 and then expanding our locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, we were able to enhance our resources and organizational infrastructure in the high growth markets of the UK/Europe, Australasia, and Japan, thus enabling us to provide superior service and support to our customers in those regions, while our operations in North America were further enhanced.

With additional resources in hand, we later developed and introduced the industry-leading Lockbox RC-19 Collection Truck. This new collection truck offered incredible efficiency in a compact, Non-CDL package. With loading at ground and dock height, dual control panels, and side unloading via our super-fast automatic walking floor system, operators had powerful tools at their disposal that helped them work faster and generate more revenue, quickly solidifying the RC-19 as a true workhorse in the shredding industry.

A Strong Partnership with Global Resources

In 2019, Shred-Tech® was acquired by The Heico Companies, a diverse, industrial, and commercial manufacturing enterprise comprised of over 70 operating companies, employing over 9,000 employees, on 5 continents, and generating an annual revenue of over 2.5 billion. This new partnership empowers us to continue growing with access to global resources that enable us to support our customers worldwide. With a wider reach than ever before, Shred-Tech® is prepared to boost the industry further and provide the most reliable and cost-effective shredding solutions on earth.



  • 2020: Introduced our first proprietary Aqueous Sealed Shredder into the EV Battery Recycling Market
  • Late 2020: Established an Exclusive NA partnership with Pronar to offer Mobile Shredders
  • 2021: Co-developed our first dedicated E-Data Destruction Truck, the MDT-26 Shred Truck
  • 2022: Unveiled Shred-Tech Connect™

Over time, electric vehicle (EV) batteries became more prominent as the desire for alternative fuels grew. However, the increase in EV batteries also introduced a new problem: a high ratio of EV batteries being dumped into landfills and the ocean. To combat this problem and provide a more cost-effective and profitable solution, Shred-Tech® developed and launched our first proprietary Aqueous Sealed Shredder, which features a unique sealed chamber that completely submerges the battery in a solution to safely shred it and permit easy recovery of materials for further processing. This not only helps our customers but also helps protect our environment.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Mobile Shredders

In order to tackle heavy-duty industrial and large-scale shredding and recycling with full transportable capabilities, Shred-Tech® partnered with Pronar® in late 2020 to provide a full line of slow-speed mobile shredders. This exclusive North American dealer partnership helps us provide our customers with even more solutions to unique challenges as well as both industrial and heavy-duty applications. Ideal for landfill recycling and bulky materials, these slow-speed mobile shredders are engineered and manufactured to produce high ROI and provide reliable material destruction that can help improve your business’ efficiency.

In a co-development venture with a major tech company in 2021, we introduced the handy MDT-26 Shred Truck. This new shred truck was our first dedicated E-Data Destruction Truck, which incorporates a dual chamber shredding system for hard drives and solid-state drives. By introducing a dual chamber system on the MDT-26, we’re able to help our customers offer a wider range of shredding services and create additional revenue streams for their business. This makes the MDT-26 ideal for scaling and growing a shredding business.

Shred-Tech Connect™ Complete Service & Support

The Shred-Tech® quality guarantee doesn’t stop with product development, and in 2022 we unveiled our new Shred-Tech Connect™ service, which includes full maintenance, service, and support options post-purchase. This builds on the value you receive when purchasing a Shred-Tech® product and ensures you have the necessary assistance to remain effective and efficient. From OEM equipment parts to maintenance, repairs, financing options, and product servicing by professional technicians, Shred-Tech® has got your back.


Today and Beyond

Niche & Custom Solutions

Not only does Shred-Tech® specialize in providing stationary shredding and recycling equipment, heavy-duty mobile shredders, document shredding trucks, and collection trucks, but we can also work with you to develop custom solutions for niche or unique shredding or recycling applications. Thanks to our engineering know-how and technical capabilities, Shred-Tech® can collaborate closely with you to develop new products and solutions specific to your business requirements.

Moving Forward

Today, Shred-Tech® is the largest shredding equipment manufacturer in North America and has the largest global footprint of any specialty shredding equipment manufacturer in the world. With a full range of shredding and recycling solutions, we ensure you are provided with everything needed to be successful in the industry, including top engineering design, guidance, quality products, financing options, and post-purchase maintenance, service, and support. Our drive towards innovation, adherence to quality manufacturing, and devotion to customer service has helped us install over 6,000 shredding and recycling systems worldwide, while fleets of Shred-Tech® mobile document shredding and collection trucks serve the industry every day. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or an established global shredding enterprise, we look forward to growing your business in the decades to come.

Shred-Tech® is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and has operations in North Carolina USA, Bedford England, and Chonburi Thailand as well as distributors in the UK, Australia, and Japan.