Automated Shredding Case Study

  • Needed to initiate growth
  • Wanted to solidify their place in the industry as an innovator
  • Chose Shred-Tech's MDX-1 Shred Truck for High-Security Shredding
  • Now offers varied shredding services to more customers than ever
  • Remains a highly competitive company with the MDX-1

Security-certified by NAID over ten years ago, Automated Shredding was one of the first mobile document shredding companies to be certified. Bob Korkos, founder and co-owner with his wife Barbara, began operating in 2002 out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2007, the Korkos’ moved the company to Charlotte, North Carolina where the business now offers services throughout North and South Carolina. Security and customer service are Automated Shredding’s number one priority, with mobile shredding services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company specializes in both commercial and residential shredding services.

Automated Shredding was interested in continuing their business growth but needed a new solution to break past the competition and solidify themselves as a current innovator in the secure document destruction industry. A new service or capability was required to move beyond the plateau, generate more revenue, and broaden the existing customer base. Thankfully, Shred-Tech® answered this growing need in the industry with its own handy, high-security shredding solution.

The MDX-1 shred truck, designed and manufactured by Shred-Tech®, achieves up to 6,500 lbs./hr of throughput. In high-security mode, it produces incredibly small shred sizes (DIN Level 3) while easily maintaining a throughput of up to 2,500 lbs./hr. Meeting the EPA’s strict emissions standards, the environmentally conscious MDX-1 operates on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or B5 diesel. Additionally, a Predictive Idle feature improves fuel savings and reduces shredder and engine hours by sensing the shredder loads and shutting down the system once it has finished shredding.

Automated Shredding’s co-owner and operating manager, Bob Korkos, explained:

“There is nothing else on the market that can rival the MDX-1 mobile shredding truck. We are the first shredding company in North and South Carolina to offer mobile micro-shredding for maximum security data destruction. The MDX-1 will allow Automated Shredding to provide mobile data destruction services to customers that have higher standards on shredding output size, such as financial institutions, confidential documents by various government agencies including the Department of Defense, and medical professional services.”

With the introduction of the MDX-1 into their fleet, Automated Shredding can now service a wider range of customers with tailored shredding services accessed by the simple press of a button. Plus, since they were the first to use the MDX-1 in the area, they were able to beat out the competition and be the first to enter that new space in the market, effectively strengthening their place as an industry leader in the region. Bringing in the efficient, powerful, and environmentally friendly MDX-1 opened doors for Automated Shredding and gave them a leg up on the competition.

Bob Korkos continued:

“The MDX-1 will help us reach a new level of technology and a higher standard not yet required here in the U.S. We always want to be one step ahead in providing our customers the best possible security and service.

Are you looking to expand your business and bring new capabilities and services to your customers? By partnering with Shred-Tech®, you can have a complete shredding solution that delivers a high return on your investment and helps you forge new pathways towards lasting success. Get in contact with us today and we’ll be glad to discuss your business and how we can help you take hold of the future!