Bagnall And Morris Case Study

  • Looked to grow their off-site shredding capabilities
  • Needed greater throughput to meet increasing demand
  • Chose Shred-Tech®'s ST-75E Industrial Shredder for superior throughput
  • Now generates increased revenue due to better efficiency
  • Continuously meets customer demands with confidence

Bagnall and Morris have been in business for over 60 years with locations nationwide offering trade waste collection, hazardous waste disposal, and secure shredding services, as well as tailored total waste management solutions. However, they were looking to grow in their off-site shredding capabilities and required a robust shredding solution to make it happen. With an existing, efficient fleet of Shred-Tech® shred trucks, Bagnall and Morris needed to introduce greater throughput to keep up with customer demands and find a shredder machine that was not only powerful and based on performance, but also highly durable and reliable.

After some shopping in the market, B&M decided to go with the Shred-Tech® ST-75E Industrial Shredder to complement their existing secure shredding services and expand their off-site shredding capabilities. Choosing the ST-75E granted Bagnall and Morris unrivaled performance and robust design when compared to other similar shredders. All this was acquired at a competitive price point as well, meaning that they could quickly and easily garner a generous return on their investment. Increased throughputs and efficient operation ensured improved revenue via increased shreddable volume per day.

Director of B&M Secure Shredding, Paul Curtis, had this to say about Shred-Tech®’s solution:

“The ST-75E was a great fit for us to increase our capacity for our off-site shredding service. Once we saw one in action and saw the quality of the design, and first-hand the performance it would offer, it was an easy decision for us. We already have Shred-Tech mobile shredding equipment and we have found this to be very reliable, so we were confident in the Shred-Tech® model. On top of that, Global Recycling have always looked after us well when it comes to service and maintenance, so we had peace of mind that in buying the ST-75E we would be able to continue that good relationship.”


By choosing the powerful ST-75E from Shred-Tech®, B&M were able to meet higher demands with off-site shredding loads while keeping maintenance and repair costs to a minimum thanks to the ST-75E's modular component design. This industrial shredder machine’s high-performance capabilities helped generate greater revenue and open the pathway to even more growth with the increase in throughput, ease of use, and overall efficiency.

If your company is seeking to increase efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum for a high return on your investment, then we recommend a solution like the ST-75. Choosing a high-performance industrial shredder machine can improve your workflow, help you expand your customer base, and forge a new path forward to solidify long-term growth and success by helping you remain highly competitive in your industry. Get in touch with Shred-Tech® today if your business is experiencing a problem or situation similar to B&M, and we’ll work closely with you to develop a shredding solution that perfectly matches your requirements and budget!