Great White Destruction Case Study

  • Sought on-site commercial shredding equipment to surpass competitors
  • Wanted long-lasting reliability to out-perform in the industry
  • Chose Shred-Tech®'s MDS-18GT Shred Truck for superior shredding capabilities
  • Satisfied by the truck’s speed, efficiency, and usability
  • Now has the confidence to beat out the competition

Great White Destruction is an Irish-based secure document shredding company and was founded in 2010 by David Walsh. They have since quickly grown and expanded organically thanks to an emphasis on competitive pricing and superb service. Today, Great White is a leader in the paper shredding industry in Ireland and continues to serve its customers with excellent quality and fair pricing.

Around 2012, Great White Destruction was seeking to expand its shredding capabilities to open up new on-site opportunities in Ireland but were lacking the proper equipment to be fully competitive in that market. Though their off-site document commercial shredding equipment was getting the job done, they were looking for on-site equipment that could deliver the speedy performance and long-lasting reliability needed to beat out the competition and solidify their place as an industry leader.

To assist their business, David Walsh, MD of Great White Destruction, approached Shred-Tech® having heard of their fantastic reputation in the marketplace. An order was soon after placed for an MDS-18GT shred truck, which is based on a DAF LF55 chassis and fitted with the tried and tested ST-15H shredder. This shredder features a cast aluminum shredder design, auger style compactor, bridgeless vibrating hopper, computer-controlled operating system with integration of chassis control, and predictive engine idle to reduce emissions and save fuel. To ensure maximum security and ease-of-use, the MDS truck comes equipped with Shred-Tech®’s patented Gripper Tipper® loading system. This enables the bins to be lifted from the ground and tipped into the shredding hopper without the risk of the documents being exposed to weather effects thanks to an enclosed bin tunnel. Even the operator has no access to the material, making this an added selling point for ultimate secure on-site shredding service.


The ST-15H shreds up to 2,041 kgs./hr., and the shredder boasts a hex shaft with easy-to-change, heat-treated, and case-carburized knives. Further, all MDS shred truck models come equipped with Shred-Tech®’s automatic walking floor unloading system. Together these powerful features ensure an enormous legal payload of 6,500 kgs. and rapid discharge of shredded material in a few minutes for maximum speed, efficiency, and usability.

The shredder has now been in operation for 9 months and David has reported how pleased he is with its performance:

“I have 13 years' experience in the shredding industry, and I know that to be successful you have to hire the best people and provide them with the best equipment … the Shred-Tech® truck fits our requirements and has exceeded our expectations. Great White is now able to enter deeper waters with the confidence of a big fish that is supported by Shred-Tech®`s world-wide reputation and the professional service back-up of Global Recycling.”

Great White Destruction has moved into their new facility in Trim, Co Meath and is now able to offer complete on-site shredding services to their customers. This will augment their off-site shredding service and position the company right at the top of the Irish shredding industry.

Is your business looking to diversify services, gain a competitive edge in the market, or upgrade equipment to continue growing? Shred-Tech® has helped businesses like Great White Destruction and many others both small and large solve unique challenges and problems related to shredding and recycling. When you partner with us, we’ll listen closely to your situation and offer complete shredding solutions that match your requirements and budget. If we don’t have a solution already developed, we’ll even work closely with you to engineer a custom solution tailored specifically to your business and application. Get in contact with us today and let’s get to work!