The largest global footprint of any specialty shredding equipment manufacturer in the world.

When Shred-Tech® first started, we were a little-known company based in Canada, but we have continued to grow and grow over the decades until we became a well-trusted organization that has branched out worldwide to deliver overwhelmingly superior shredding solutions to businesses on different continents. Now Shred-Tech® has the largest global footprint of any shredding equipment manufacturer. In addition to our headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, we have assembly, sales, manufacturing, and distribution facilities located in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Sri-Racha, Chonburi, Thailand; Wilstead, Bedford, UK; Braeside, Victoria, Australia; and Osaka, Japan.

Cambridge Facility

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Our location in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada is where you can find Shred-Tech®'s head office, which is home to our sales, finance, manufacturing, assembly, research and development, and IT divisions. It is responsible for a number of functions, including welding, assembly, light machining, electrical controls and programming, body swaps and up-fitting, kitting, and wire harness manufacturing. Most of our new product development and testing is accomplished here.

Raleigh Facility

Raleigh, NC, US

The facility that is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, is primarily used for sales and services as well as for assembly. Here, our staff works on welding, body swaps, MCS upfitting, repairs, and parts distribution. At this facility, we know how to get the job done in a way that satisfies both us and our customers.

Thailand Facility

Sri-Racha, Chonburi, Thailand

The Sri-Racha, Chonburi, Thailand facility is designed for manufacturing, sales and services, and assembly purposes. It is here that we get a lot done, including welding, assembly, CNC machining, new product development and testing, electrical controls and programming, kitting, and wire harness manufacturing. We make sure that anything that leaves our facility is top-of-the-line quality.

UK Facility

Wilstead, Bedford, UK

The Wilstead, Bedford, United Kingdom location is home to our assembly facility where we handle most of our European orders. We accomplish much at this location, including welding, assembly, electrical controls and programming, body building, and uplifting. We are able to easily connect with the UK and European markets right from this location.

Australia Facility

Braeside, Victoria, Australia

Our location in Braeside, Victoria, Australia is home to our handy distribution center. This is the location where we can manage and sell our high-quality and durable shredding equipment to our Oceanic customers. This distribution center allows us to bring our unyielding shredder solutions to multiple locations throughout the world, providing more and more customers with equipment that they can trust.

Japan Facility

Osaka, Japan

Our location in Osaka, Japan is our distribution center for most of Asia. Here, our focus is on the purpose of managing and selling our shredding equipment overseas. Through this channel of sales, we are able to effectively distribute our shredder machines to farther reaches around the world, giving us the opportunity to bring our solutions to the companies who require them to outlive their competitors in this industry.