Perrys Recycling Case Study

  • Looked to expand business while in line with government regulations
  • Wanted to meet increasing demands to protect customers’ identities
  • Chose Shred-Tech®'s MDX-2 Shred Truck for powerful shredding capabilities
  • Now delivers high-security shredding services
  • Supplies customers with diversified on-site and off-site identity protection

Perrys Recycling, which was founded in 1962, specialized in recycling and off-site shredding with one depot in Baltonsborough, Somerset processing around 175 tons per week. The family business has grown organically in line with customer needs for legal and environmental compliance, and now operates four shredding and baling depots in the UK South West – Yeovil (Marston Magna HQ), Bridgwater, Bristol and Bideford. Perrys Recycling now owns a fleet of over 30 vehicles and services customers throughout South West, processing over 1,200 tons per week for shredding, recycling, and recovery with zero waste to landfill solutions.

Perrys Recycling was faced with the challenge of trying to expand and grow their business while remaining in legal compliance with government agencies and helping to offer customers new and easy ways to protect themselves from fraud and industrial cyber-crime. Customers were increasing demands for higher volumes of material with more frequent service requests, and Perrys Recycling needed a solution that wouldn’t just keep up but excel in the industry and propel them towards further growth and success.

Chris Perry (Managing Director) explained:

“We have expanded our off-site and on-site shredding services in line with customer’s demands, legal compliance with the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information Act, Health and Social Care Act, and Human Rights Act, as well as the increases in commercial fraud and growth in industrial cyber-crime, and thus influencing the way businesses manage information governance. This has become a priority with customers who want a choice of either on-site and off-site services approved to BSEN15713 and high-security CPNi information destruction standards.”

With the increased threat of information theft, Perrys Recycling needed a way to provide customers with complete peace of mind and ensure all legal compliances were met. Many of the competitor solutions did not have the long-lasting quality and performance needed to get the job done reliably, and so Perrys Recycling turned to Shred-Tech® for help.

Chris Perry continued:

“In order to keep up with the demands of large volume clearances and regular scheduled collections, as well as ever evolving shredding standards such as the new GSC (Government Security Classifications), CPNi (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) high destruction standards, and the future PAS7010 standards, we have invested in a fourth mobile shredding lorry.”

Perrys Recycling ended up choosing to add the powerful MDX-2 shred truck to its fleet. Thanks to its high throughput of 3 tons per hour and its ability to switch into high-security mode (BSEN15713 level 6/7, DIN P4) when required, they could offer fast high-security shredding services for customers needing to demonstrate legal compliance to these new regulations. With just the touch of a button, normal shredding can be switched to high-security mode, allowing operators to easily and quickly work on-site for a wide range of customers.


Chris Perry stated:

“Global Recycling UK, who are agents for Shred Tech®, are the market leaders in mobile double shredding technology and after much research we felt that the MDX2 vehicle provided the best throughput in standard mode and flexibility to switch to high-security on the same round, for customers who are having to comply with evolving security standards influencing the NHS, Police, Pharmaceutical Industries, Government Authorities, Ministry of Defence and Nuclear Facilities.”

This investment completed Perrys Recycling’s range of on-site and off-site shredding options for customers throughout the South West wanting to ensure legal and environmental compliance in a world of increased security risks. Now, Perrys Recycling has been able to grow easily and steadily thanks to their diversified services and enjoys a healthy and satisfied customer base.

Is your business struggling with an issue similar to Perrys Recycling’s? Are you looking to offer higher security for your customers, increase revenue, and solidify long-term success? Partnering with Shred-Tech® could make the difference! Get in contact with us today, and we’ll work closely with you to develop a solution that perfectly matches your business requirements and helps your business be its very best.