Pitney Bowes Case Study

  • Sought to add document destruction capabilities to their records lifecycle services
  • Looked for a company that could supply dependable destruction equipment
  • Chose Shred-Tech® among other potential choices for their proven expertise in the document destruction industry
  • Now attracts high-performing organizations for their fully developed document processing and destroying services
Pitney Bowes is a trusted on-site partner and expert in document management that can support and integrate with a clients’ overall records program and retention policy. Long known for making its customers more productive, famed innovator Pitney Bowes turned their expertise inward, identifying a pivotal opportunity for increasing their own efficiency.

Pitney Bowes’ Director of Research and Development, Steven Innerfield, explained:

“It became obvious we were missing a piece in the records lifecycle in our document services practice. We have document creation, distribution, and storage and records management but were missing the end stage, document destruction.”

A highly risk adverse corporation, Pitney Bowes endeavored to secure the destruction offering for current and prospective clients by only exploring organizations with demonstrated and proven expertise in this specialized field. To that end, Shred-Tech®, in addition to others, was engaged in dialogue, participated in a literature exchange, and was included in a comparative analysis. When the time came for reference checking Shred-Tech®, Pitney Bowes enquiring team members were met with positive, stellar endorsements.

Innerfield recalled,

“As we progressed through our due diligence Shred-Tech® proved to be the obvious choice for us. And given their market presence and service excellence, they were able to accommodate us in every city we’re targeting, which once again underscored the value this relationship could bring to us.”

With Pitney Bowes deciding to expand their service offering of closing out their document lifecycle, the choice of provider knew no boundary. Over the course of the searching exercise, Shred-Tech® continued to distinguish themselves. They proved reliable, forward thinking and did absolutely everything they said they would.

In regards to working with Shred-Tech®, Innerfield pointed out that whatever commitments were made by the people of Shred-Tech® were followed through as a matter of course. It was just that simple.

With the selection process now complete, the experts at Shred-Tech® directed their focus to the project at hand – the design and development of the custom system that would close the loop on Pitney Bowes’ document lifecycle.

Leveraging the depth of knowledge resident on the Shred-Tech® team resulted in the set-up of two new plants, one in Newark, New Jersey and the other in Brisbane, California (with the Newark plant serving as the standard for Pitney Bowes as they move forward and build additional facilities). A single shredder model was standardized to give a certain degree of predictability and reliability. Select in-plant and slow-speed commercial shredding equipment was put to work.

Innerfield observed that at the end of Phase One, he reported that not only does the commercial shredding equipment operate exactly as promised, but it worked even better than that. Tonnage output per hour met all expectations throughout particulate size.

Innerfield explained:

“For our second plant, it’s important to note that Shred-Tech® acted as a single source for all aspects of the project – from design through to completion. In fact, their acting as the engineering resource resulted in significant dollar savings for us which brings another time and dollar savings situation to mind. Recently, the baler broke down. The remarkable thing here was the service technician was onsite within a half-hour to get us up and running. That’s an almost unheard of service response. Having the same person responsible for the shredder and baler resulted in rapid response and very little downtime. That’s what you can expect when you engage Shred-Tech®.

“We’re not in a business where we have a high tolerance for surprises and I’m happy to report to date, we haven’t had any. We also like that the management team at Shred-Tech® actively looks ahead. Forecasting and readying for possible future trends and the impact such innovations could have on our businesses impacts positively on our designs, plans and decisions. This helps to position us well for continued success.”

With that once missing piece of the loop now firmly in place, Pitney Bowes is emerging as a formidable player in this space. Their clients enjoy the complete certainty of knowing Pitney Bowes performs to high NAID (National Association for Information Destruction, Incorporated) standards. And naturally compliant are all equipment and solutions provided by Shred-Tech®.

A welcomed addition, document destruction fits nicely with the professional services currently provided by Pitney Bowes. With this enhanced capability, Pitney Bowes is attracting prestigious, high performing organizations and professions searching for the full solution. For a safe, secure, efficient, and compliant way to process and destroy materials, Pitney Bowes is now at your service.

If you are looking for a shredding solution that not only meets your requirements but effectively surpasses your expectations, going above and beyond what you expect from us, then you can contact Shred-Tech®. Our sales team is on standby 24/7 to walk through the many different types of industrial and commercial shredding equipment we have available. If our current selection doesn’t match up, we can work together to create the ideal custom solution for your business.