Pulp Recycling Case Study

  • Faster and more cost-effective high-security shredding was needed
  • Chose Shred-Tech's MDX-1 Shred Truck for optimum efficiency
  • Increased their workload and can now service more customers in a day
  • Customer demands are continuously met, and their fleet is fully supported with the MDX-1

Pulp Recycling was founded in 2004, beginning with one on-site shredding truck. The company has grown organically over the years and now offers an all-Ireland confidential shredding service with both on-site and off-site options, while also operating their own baling facility. However, Pulp was working with a fleet of off-site shredding vehicles that were in need of updates to keep up with demand and remain highly competitive. With steady growth and a growing customer base, faster and more cost-effective high-performance shredding solutions were needed to travel to customers and provide high-security shredding with speed.

General Manager, Brian Young, explained:

“The vast majority of our growth in the past 4 years had been in our off-site shredding service. This was partly due to the fact that customers were looking for the most cost-effective method to have their secure data destroyed; partly due to the fact that we developed an innovative method of off-site shredding which guarantees absolute security. Also, during this time, we had managed to increase efficiencies within our on-site shredding fleet so were not in a position to purchase a new on-site shredding vehicle for some time. However, we were always aware that our fleet would need updating at some stage, so we had kept ourselves informed of developments in the marketplace.”

Shred-Tech® had the perfect solution for the problem: the MDX-1 model shred truck. Featuring handy EN15713 Level 6 capabilities with a powerful and easy-to-use control panel, this shred truck ensures both high-security document shredding and high-performance longevity that can be counted on to get the job done time after time. This option is great for customers looking for top confidentiality when shredding their secure information. The MDX-1 was the perfect match for Pulp to upgrade their fleet and introduce new shredding options to their customers, meaning they could continue to grow and wouldn’t stall or plateau.

Brian Young continues:

“I was very aware of the MDX-1 model through conversations with Global Recycling/Shred-Tech at NAID conferences etc., and I believed it to be a ‘game-changer’ in relation to the massively increased throughput as well as the ability to shred at EN15713 Level 6 at the click of a button. I had always asked other (mostly UK based) shredding operators what their experience was with this model and their feedback couldn’t have been more positive. Therefore, when we began seeing an increase in our on-site business, we knew the time was right to purchase a new vehicle.”


By choosing the MDX-1 model shred truck from Shred-Tech®, Pulp Recycling was able to easily increase their workload and service more customers in a day thanks to the increased shredding throughput, easy interface, and overall usability. Utilizing the MDX-1 to its fullest potential has opened up new opportunities for Pulp to grow and form lasting relationships with customers while increasing revenue to sustain long-term profitability.

Brian Young continues:

“We did a lot of investigating to see what else was available, but in truth the next closest option was the MDS-2 also supplied by Shred-Tech. However, we felt that the option to shred to Level 6 was too good to pass by. Therefore, we made the decision to place the order.

“I couldn’t compliment the Global Recycling/Shred-Tech team enough. They did everything to ensure the vehicle was delivered ahead of schedule and all aspects were taken care of. The timing couldn’t have been better as the paint had barely dried before we had it in operation! The team of operators we have using the truck are two of our most experienced and they can’t get over the speed and ease of use at which it operates. It has greatly increased the amount of work we can get through in one day.”

Pulp continues to make use of the powerful MDX-1 shred truck as it allows them to meet customer demands as well as properly maintain and support the rest of their fleet for maximum efficiency and a smooth, daily workflow. Other businesses with similar problems and challenges as Pulp can look to Shred-Tech®’s high-performance, high-throughput shredding and recycling solutions to take their business to the next level.

Brian Young continues:

“The future is extremely bright for us here in PULP now, as we are having conversations with existing and potential clients about our ability to shred to such a high standard. It has also given us some much-needed capacity in our fleet, enabling preventative maintenance. However, our sales team are busy filling it!”.

Do you have a current business challenge similar to Pulp Recycling’s? Looking to increase your shredding capabilities to meet demand and grow and scale your business for long-term success? Get in contact with us today and we’ll help you find the perfect solution!