Rehab Recycle Case Study

  • Sought to expand their customer base and ensure growth
  • Needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to shred DIN Level P3
  • Chose Shred-Tech's MDX-1 Shred Truck
  • Improved customer satisfaction and greatly increased efficiency
  • Remains highly competitive in the information destruction industry

The Rehab Group is an independent international charity that works towards a world where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential. Over 5,000 Rehab staff provide health and social care, training and education, rehabilitation, employment, and commercial services in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. These services enhance the quality of people’s lives by supporting them in fulfilling personal goals, in accessing new opportunities, and in playing a more active role in their communities. Rehab enables people to make the most of their skills and talents, to take up employment, or further education and to live more independent lives.

Rehab Recycle is the commercial division of the Rehab Group and one of Europe’s leading private sector employers of people with disabilities across a range of business sectors. Established in 1984, Rehab Recycle has developed into a successful multi-national company that provides a range of innovative recycling solutions, information security management services, and asset recovery services. In the recycling sector, Rehab Recycle is one of Ireland’s largest post-consumer waste recyclers with a range of waste electrical and electronic recycling (WEEE), glass, plastic, and paper recycling businesses.

Rehab was looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution to shred DIN Level P3. This would allow them to offer high-security shredding to their customers, expand their customer base, and maintain healthy, long-term growth by generating more revenue. Other competitor solutions either didn’t offer the level of security needed for document destruction, went beyond budget, or did not come with the level of expected quality and durability.


However, Shred-Tech® was called upon to help, and our engineering expertise and roster of user-friendly shredding solutions helped Rehab Recycle to manage their information security operations. The mobile shredding truck supplied was the Shred-Tech MDX-1, which featured a sturdy bin tunnel. With an option to run the shredder in ‘standard’ shred mode at up to 3,000kgs/hour, or at the push of a button with a four second changeover to run the shredder in ‘high-security’ mode at up to 1,100kgs/hour, the all-round versatility is unrivaled.

The team at Rehab Recycle had this to say about Shred-Tech®:

“Shred-Tech® worked diligently to understand our every need during the design process. [Their] customer-centered approach has allowed Rehab Recycle to design a solution that is seamlessly integrated with our existing system. The development of this solution was accomplished on time and within budget. Their after-sales support must also be complimented; we could not be happier with the product and service we have received.”

Rehab Recycle was able to immediately up their competitive game and offer a wider range of services to their customers, effectively opening a new door for growth, solidifying relations with existing customers, and creating opportunities for new customers. With the addition of the MDX-1 shred truck, Rehab Recycle can now confidently expand and continue to scale their business for the long-term.

The team at Rehab Recycle continued:

“With Shred-Tech’s cutting-edge technology, Rehab Recycle has been able to significantly increase efficiency within information security management operations. This has resulted in increased customer satisfaction levels and improved our competitiveness in the marketplace.”

If you’re looking for a more efficient and/or more secure shredding solution for your customers in order to secure long-term growth opportunities and get a high return on your investment, then choose Shred-Tech®! We have a complete range of shredding solutions, from shred trucks to document collection trucks, efficient industrial shredders, and heavy-duty slow-speed shredders. If you still don’t find the exact solution to your problem, we can partner with you to create a custom solution that perfectly matches your business requirements. Get in contact with us today to get started!