Rental Shred-Tech MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck

  • Non-CDL in most states
  • Up to 5,500 lbs./hr. throughput
  • Largest legal payload in a non-CDL shredding truck of up to 9,000 lbs.
  • Best value combination of throughput and payload
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Rental Shred-Tech MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck

Shred-Tech®’s Rental MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck is an excellent solution when you require high-speed and efficient shredding without investing in a full shred truck. What sets this truck apart from the rest is its quality combination of usability and functionality. A CDL license is NOT required to operate this shred truck thanks to its 26,000 lb. GVW chassis, while its single-shaft shredder provides reliable performance and speed for super-fast shredding with a throughput of up to 5,500 lbs./hour. This means that more documents can be shredded in less time, ultimately meaning that more customers can be served in a day. Meanwhile, the storage compartment boasts a respectable 9,000 lb. payload, which permits fewer trips back to your facility for unloading and more time serving customers, all while keeping the overall size of the truck maneuverable through metropolitan areas and congested city streets. Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur looking to get your feet wet in the document destruction industry without committing to a full investment or a large shredding company in need of an immediate and cost-effective shredding solution, renting an MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck from Shred-Tech® is a great option. As the largest manufacturer of shredding equipment in North America, Shred-Tech® is dedicated to providing you with complete, turnkey shredding solutions you can rely on while maximizing value. Go with the Rental MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck for optimal efficiency at a competitive price point.

Standard Accessories for the Rental MDS-1S-26

The Rental MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck has been packed with powerful and helpful features and accessories that set it apart from the competition. A powerful and dependable shredding unit makes this shred truck a reliable workhorse for daily document destruction, while the inclusion of a smooth auger compactor, automatic unloading floor system, bin tunnel loading system, and convenient micro-control system give you the power to service more customers and increase revenue. All these features come standard with every rental of an MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck so you can be confident you have all the tools and accessories required to be successful in this lucrative industry.

ST-15H Shredder

The dependable ST-15H shredder that comes standard with the Rental MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck provides the necessary power for maximizing shredding per day. The strength and durability of the shredder comes from its super-tough aluminum construction, which ensures plenty of power without the added weight of steel. With a throughput of up to 5,500 lbs./hour, you get a highly efficient shredding solution you can count on day in and day out to service plenty of customers in a day for improved revenue generation and profitability. Sharp steel shredding knives bite cleanly through paper and feature high-strength alloy shafts for extra durability. Patent-pending cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating feed hopper add the final touches to this shredder to ensure maximum efficiency.

Auger Compactor & Auto Unloading

For much easier and more efficient operational serviceability, the MDS-1S-26 Shred Truck features the combined power of a solid auger compactor and a reliable moving floor unloading system. While the angled compactor design allows for a maximum payload of up to 9,000 lbs., the moving floor system can rapidly discharge all of the shredded paper remains in just under a few minutes. Both of these features work together to ensure that your workers are spending a lot less time waiting around at the facility and a lot more time out on the road, generating more revenue for the business.

Bin Tunnel

This high-quality shredding truck comes with our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper bin tunnel loading system that is designed for quick and simple container loading. This bin tunnel works effectively on all industry standard containers to improve the truck’s loading efficiency. Built from only high-quality materials, the bin tunnel makes sure that the clients’ confidential information is well protected against the elements while also keeping it sure and enclosed at all times. Customers who are concerned about the safety of their information can experience peace of mind when they witness the security of our bin tunnel. For an extra level of security, the bin is designed to not fall off of the lift and cause any damages.


In order to control this powerful shredding machine, we’ve installed the equally powerful state-of-the-art Plus+1 micro-control system with advanced intelligence. This system features a wide variety of useful features that make monitoring and controlling the entire shredding system so much easier for the user. Some of these features include an automatic bin counter, advanced diagnostics, job timer, and much more. Another benefit is its Predictive Idle advantage that has the ability to sense when the hopper is empty and then subsequently shut down the truck’s engine in order to conserve fuel. Once the truck is started back up, the shredder will continue doing its job smoothly. For easier monitoring, the system features one camera above the shredder and another one located in the payload compartment, allowing your clients to witness the complete and absolute destruction of their confidential information right before their eyes. With all of these high-performing advantages, you can see just how and why Shred-Tech is known for delivering dynamic and innovative solutions to your shredding business.