Shred-Tech Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck

  • CDL required; 33,000 lbs. GVW
  • Large legal payload of up to 13,500 lbs.
  • Side loading, rear unloading via automatic walking floor
  • Eliminates the need to swap bins at the customer’s site
  • Optional tandem lift tipper for 175-gallon carts; Optional dual bin tippers (1 towards the front and 1 towards the rear)
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Shred-Tech Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck

Companies looking to scale and increase productivity in their fleet can look to the high-performance capabilities of the Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck from Shred-Tech® to get the job done. Collection trucks like the Lockbox-SL-33 are a great way to diversify services, create additional revenue streams, and improve the efficiency of your entire operation by segmenting document collection and shredding services. With a highly cost-effective design that maximizes payload at a competitive price point, the Lockbox-SL-33 could be the ideal solution you’ve been looking for to take your shredding, recycling, or paper collection business to the next level.

The Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck is built upon a sturdy 33,000 lb. GVW chassis, meaning that a CDL is required to operate the vehicle. This also means that only professionally certified drivers get behind the wheel of your investment. A heavy-duty payload of 13,500 lbs. means this truck is fully capable of taking on several collection jobs while out on the road and return to the facility less frequently. This ultimately helps your business generate more revenue and remain highly competitive and efficient. Side loading capabilities make loading the truck from the street side both easy and safe. Please note that the legal payload capacity is an estimate based on chassis GVWR only. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech® does not guarantee payload results.


The Lockbox-SL-33 can be used for the following applications:

  • Paper

Standard Features for the Lockbox-SL-33

The standard features that come with the Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck make it stand out from other similar trucks on the market thanks to their high-quality engineering and combined performance improvements. We offer the Lockbox-SL-33 with a variety of features, namely a highly efficient loading system, an automatic unloading floor, and a fully integrated control panel system. These main features give you the control and speed necessary to keep up with the growing demands of the industry and propel your business forward with confidence.


For maximum loading speed and control, the Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck features Shred-Tech®’s patented and proprietary Gripper Tipper® system. Capable of quickly loading all industry bin sizes, including 64- and 96-gallon containers, this loading system provides fast and super-simple use with “One Step” operation. A mere press of a button activates the Gripper Tipper®, which features multiple tipping locations that can fully tip up to three bins in only 15 seconds. This means you can complete onsite collection jobs much faster and get to the next jobsite quickly to generate more revenue in a day. With side loading, this truck is simple and safe to unload from the streetside.

Auto Unloading

One of the most convenient and useful features on the Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck is its automatic unloading floor system. Once the truck has reached full capacity it can be driven back to the facility where a simple touch of a button will activate the walking floor system. This feature can unload an entire truckful of documents in less than five minutes, meaning less time is spent at the facility and more time is spent out at job sites collecting materials. This makes Shed-Tech® collection trucks highly efficient for an improved workflow.

Layout & Controls

With a powerful control system and handy layout, you can easily control several aspects of your Lockbox-SL-33 with ease. Located on the control panel for full convenience, the LCD monitor permits constant payload monitoring so you can keep track of maintenance at any time. By utilizing the control panel, curb-level loading is a breeze as a simple push of a button activates hydraulic control levers to raise bins into the collection area.

Optional Accessories for the Lockbox-SL-33

The Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck is fully equipped with all the necessary features for effectively competing in the industry, but by adding optional accessories to your collection truck, you can improve convenience, safety, efficiency, and even create an additional revenue stream. This is all achieved via our selection of optional accessories, which includes a backup camera, data disk shredder, bin tipper adapter, and cart storage option. All accessories work together with the collection truck to create a highly efficient, long-lasting, and user-friendly experience that allows you to stay at the top of your game. These are only some of the optional accessories available for the Lockbox-SL-33, so contact the Shred-Tech® team today to learn about the other accessories we offer, as well as how we can help you build a customized collection truck that perfectly fits your requirements and drives profits for years!

Backup Camera

Adding a backup camera can greatly increase rear visibility and thus improve the safety factor of using this collection truck. With a larger chassis, the Lockbox-SL-33 becomes more difficult to back up than smaller models. With this in mind, including a backup camera makes the job a breeze! This is especially useful when navigating congested areas. A super-tough stainless-steel guard surrounds and protects the camera from impact and weather effects without hindering visibility, providing long-lasting durability.

Data Bearing Device Shredder

If you’re looking to diversify your offered services and add another revenue stream to your business, then including an ST-5 data bearing device shredder to your Lockbox-SL-33 order could be the perfect solution. With the growing demand for data destruction, the ST-5 allows you to keep up and remain highly competitive thanks to its generous throughput of up to 750 hard drives per hour, or up to 1,000 solid-state drives per hour. This speed and efficiency helps you service more customers in a day while your customers gain peace of mind knowing their data is irretrievable. Physical destruction is the only guaranteed method for complete data destruction so the information cannot be retrieved, so offering data destruction with the ST-5 can give you a unique advantage. Easily operated via the truck’s control panel conveniently located on the passenger side of the truck, the data shredder is both fast and simple to use.

Note that adding a mobile hard drive shredder will reduce the payload of the truck.

Bin Tipper Adapter

Our collection trucks can load 64- and 96-gallon bins standard, but including a bin tipper adapter with your purchase of a Lockbox-SL-33 Collection Truck can permit the loading of 32- and 175-gallon bins as well. This is a great option for companies with a varied customer base who require complete coverage of all bin sizes. This option can save you the hassle of having to send out different trucks for different customers, effectively streamlining the daily collection process.

Cart Storage

If you’re looking for additional convenience, then adding cart storage to your Lockbox-SL-33 could be ideal. This option permits easy storage of 64- and 96-gallon bins, along with empty file boxes, etc. The storage compartment is easily accessed from the passenger side of the vehicle and is a great option for taking your own bins to the job site.