SITA UK Case Study

  • Sought to help their customers combat identity theft and fraud
  • Needed to ensure top information security with document destruction
  • Chose Shred-Tech's MDX-1 Shred Truck for high-security shredding
  • Significantly increased high-security shredding efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Leading recycling and resource management company, SITA UK, is a subsidiary of Suez Environment that produces environmentally responsible and innovative solutions for the public, local government, industry, and commerce. This company serves over 12 million people while handling more than 9 million tons of domestic, commercial, and industrial waste. As well as being a member of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), SITA UK is one of the country’s largest recycling companies. Operating from more than 300 sites across the UK, it recycles around 300,000 tons of paper each year.

Recycling the paper was not enough, however. SITA UK needed to ensure absolute security when it came to handling papers that contained personal and confidential information. Identity theft is a severe problem that affects thousands of people every year. Only the complete destruction of confidential documents can ensure protection over an individual’s information.

In order to provide their clients with absolute security, SITA UK became the first company in Europe to order Canadian designer and manufacturer Shred-Tech®’s revolutionary dual mode mobile document shredding vehicles, investing in our high-quality MDX-1GT Shred Truck that guarantees high-security and performance so that SITA UK can bring that level of security directly to their customers.

Jerome Mingaz, Head of Secure Shredding Services at SITA UK, says:

“We understand that for our customers, security is the most important element of our service and we are delighted to be European pioneers of this innovative solution. The new fleet of MDX-1GT vehicles will enhance our secure shredding offer and the dual mode shredding service will enable our customers to choose an adequate level of security depending on their business needs.”

Launched at the NAID-Europe/PRISM Conference in London, the Shred-Tech® MDX-1GT vehicle, distributed in the UK by Global Recycling Solutions Ltd, will enable SITA UK to provide mobile data destruction services in an ultra-high security mode, producing small particles that meet the standards of German Institute for Standardisation level DIN 3.

The new vehicles will also allow SITA UK to shred up to 1,150kg per hour in high-security mode and up to 2,950 kg per hour in standard mode. This is 1.5 times faster than any other mobile shredder currently available in the UK. The security of customers’ data will further improve thanks to Shred-Tech®’s revolutionary secure bin opening system, which does not require the bin to be manually opened before being tipped.

Peter Banks, Managing Director of Shred-Tech® UK, says:

“We are delighted to accept the first order in Europe for the revolutionary and innovative shredding truck, the MDX-1, from SITA UK. There really is no other on-site shredding vehicle on the market to rival the MDX-1. Shred-Tech UK looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with SITA UK.”

SITA UK is just the first company in the European market to experience the high-security driving force that is Shred-Tech®’s MDX Shred Trucks. Thanks to the shredding power of this dual mode system, the company is able to effectively shred the documents to an indiscernible shred size, rendering the information completely unretrievable. Not only does the system operate at maximum levels of efficiency, but it also leaves the customers with peace of mind knowing that their important information is protected.

If you are looking for an ultra-high security solution for shredding confidential documents, contact Shred-Tech® today by phone at +44 (0) 1636 594360 or email; visit us online at Our dedicated sales team can work together with you to determine the right type of shredder machine that will greatly benefit your business.