Thorntons Recycling Case Study

  • Sought to incorporate smaller shred sizes to meet customer demands
  • Government regulation was putting pressure on higher security shredding
  • Chose the MDX-2 Shred Truck from Shred-Tech
  • Now offers high-security shredding with superior efficiency
  • Continues to meet customer demands and satisfy regulations
Thorntons Recycling, founded in 1979 by Padraig and Carmel Thornton, is a privately owned waste management and recycling business. Employing more than 400 staff, Thorntons Recycling supplies customer services to over 60,000 household customers and 4,000 commercial customers in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, and Wicklow. The company operates a number of EPA licensed facilities and several permitted facilities in its main catchment areas. The facilities focus on recycling and recovering as much of the material received and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. This enables the company to offer its customers a premium value for money service.

However, Thorntons Recycling recently faced a growing marketplace with higher demands from both private customers and government agencies. Smaller and smaller shred sizes were being requested to ensure higher security destruction of sensitive and confidential information, but there were few products available on the market that were up to the task, and those that were may not have been cost-effective enough. Many solutions offered from other commercial shredding equipment manufacturers and distributors didn’t have the specs required to keep up with demand and help Thorntons Recycling gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

Declan Kennedy, Secure Shredding Manager for Thorntons commented:

“We already had two shredding trucks from other competitors, but neither could match the criteria I needed for a varied marketplace...The Office of Government Procurement had tendered for a nationwide contract, which required different levels of shred size, also some businesses were requesting for a higher level of shredding.”

Shred-Tech® stepped up to the challenge and offered our powerful MDX-2 shred truck as a high-performance solution that could meet demands and provide a high return on investment. The MDX-2 is based on an 18-ton DAF LF55 260HP chassis with a payload of up to 6,000kgs. Thorntons Recycling opted for a model that included a “bin tunnel” option, which collects 90- 360-liter wheelie bins direct from the ground via the “gripper tipper” and deposits the material into an automated vibrating hopper, allowing for even faster ground level loading. The whole operation is performed on the weatherproof control panel from the outside of the truck at ground level, where the operator can monitor the shredding process via cameras, adjust shred size at the push of a button, and weigh and record material shredded. Material is fed to the angled ST-15 shredder for “headfirst” feeding, before then being further processed by a high-security shredder that produces a DIN Level P4 shred, or an EN15713 Shred No.6. From here the shredded material is compacted into the storage compartment with twin augers for smooth operation and no backup or clogging. Unloading of the truck is handled via a super-fast automatic walking floor system, which can empty a payload of 6,000kgs within 4-6mins.


With high efficiency shredding, reliable power, and handy features at their disposal, Thorntons Recycling was ready to take the industry head-on, and they could now provide an on-site/off-site shredding service nationwide (to all of Ireland) with EN15713 accreditation Levels 1-6 and keep up with demand. With the addition of the Shred-Tech® MDX-2 mobile high security shredder, these levels can be achieved at the push of a button at any customer’s site, at any time.

Declan also commented:

“The Shred-Tech MDX-2 truck had a system to shred to different levels on-site with the press of a button. The operators are delighted with the MDX-2 shredding speed and the lower noise level, which had become a big issue with other trucks. They also like the features of being able to control operations from the ground level control panel and also tailor the settings that allow the truck to automatically switch off once the material is shredded. These features not only help with safety, but also time spent on jobs is reduced, wear costs are reduced, and also fuel costs are reduced. Both operators were extremely happy with the intensive training provided by Global Recycling on the operation and maintenance of the shredding truck”

Many shredding and recycling companies today are facing similar challenges and issues to what Thorntons Recycling has faced; with a growing demand for high-security document and information destruction, Shred-Tech® is the partner that has been trusted the world over to help. High-performance, user-friendly, and long-lasting industrial shredder machines and shred trucks from Shred-Tech® have allowed many companies like Thorntons Recycling take control of the market and forge a strong path ahead built on long-lasting profitability and success. If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business find the perfect shredding solution that fits your requirements and budget, than get in contact with us today! We’ll be glad to give you a helping hand.