Used Shredding Equipment

Since 1978, Shred-Tech® has designed and engineered first-class shredding and recycling equipment and systems that have been recognized worldwide for their superior performance and power. From top-of-the-line industrial shredders to heavy-duty slow-speed shredders, from highly productive collection trucks to highly efficient shredding trucks, Shred-Tech® has created some of the most reliable shredding solutions that can shred through anything, including tires, plastics, metals, e-waste, paper, and so much more. In order to provide our customers with optimized shredding and collecting capabilities, we offer many of our used equipment at a cost-effective price. Built to last longer and out-perform in this industry, most of our used shredder machines require little to no maintenance, providing unmatched support and performance throughout their years of service. This is an excellent way to start your shredding business when on a budget, providing you with the same kind of strength and performance you can expect from our other equipment. This also offers you the chance to test out our shredding equipment and see if you’re ready to invest in newer machinery. Shred-Tech® engineers are always available to lend a hand when it comes to deciding which of our used shredding equipment is suitable for your business. Please contact us at 1-519-621-3560 | for updated inventory!

Used Collection Trucks

Shred-Tech®’s used mobile collection trucks offer an excellent way to begin your own document collection and destruction business. These trucks are available at a cost-effective price so that you can hit the road and start collecting documents in no time. We have both our Lockbox Series and Select Series trucks available at the moment. Both types of trucks are engineered with an emphasis on optimized efficiency in which the loading process takes less than a minute and the unloading process only takes about 4-5 minutes. This means that you spend less time waiting around and more time out on the road, visiting more sites and generating more revenue. We have trucks with differently sized chassis GVW, allowing you to choose which ones best suit your requirements. Most of our models are non-CDL, so they make excellent entry-level vehicles in addition to their lower price.

Used Shred Trucks

With Shred-Tech®’s used shred trucks, you can experience high-performance and optimal shredding power at a cost-effective price. These trucks are a sustainable and profitable investment that can help get your shredding business off of the ground. Each one provides high-powered shredding capabilities that allow you to out-perform your competitors in this information destruction industry. We have the MDS-Line available for maximum shred strength as well as the MDX-Line for ultra-high security. Both types of trucks are more than capable of rendering an entire load of confidential documents into a pile of unreadable and undiscernible scraps. Engineered to last longer, they feature a variety of standard accessories that enhance their performance, including an angled compactor, automatic moving floor unloading system, and Gripper Tipper® loading system. Their shredding strength comes from the ST-15H or ST-35H shredder machine that can easily destroy documents at a throughput ranging from 4,500 lbs. per hour to 12,000 lbs. per hour.

Used Industrial Shredders

Shred-Tech® has a number of our high-quality industrial shredders available at a used price. Offering superior engineering for greater performance, our industrial shredders can effectively destroy just about anything. They are equipped with powerfully sharp knives that can slice through a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, glass, rubber, and much more. Some shredders are more suitable for certain materials than others. For example, our ST-5 industrial shredder mostly handles e-waste, such as hard drives and circuit boards, while our ST-400 is more capable of destroying larger items, such as titanium and concrete. Whichever industrial shredder you choose, we guarantee that you are getting a sustainable and reliable shredding solution. As the number one manufacturer of shredding equipment in North America, you know that you and your company are getting a great deal when investing in one of our used industrial shredder machines.