Shred-Tech® continues to provide outstanding shredding solutions directly to our customers. From heavy-duty industrial shredders to efficient shred trucks to primary slow-speed shredder machines, we continue our mission in supplying our customers with effective, complete, and profitable shredding solutions that they can depend on. You can witness the destructive power of our shredders for yourself in our collection of videos. From e-waste recycling to paper shredding, these videos provide evidence of the destructive power of our shredder machines. You can see the ST-25 gobble up pretty much any kind of material or watch the ST-75 eat through heavy-duty loads of computer housing or experience the ST-500 effortlessly bite through thick titanium metal. Not only do these videos demonstrate the strength of our industrial shredders, but they also show just how productive and efficient our solutions are for your company.

ST-50E Soda Bottles

ST-75 Computer Housing

ST-25 Pharmaceuticals

ST-25 Aluminum Foil

MDX-1 Paper Shredding

ST-25 PVC Sheet

ST-150H Transportable Tires

ST-100 Demolition Scrap