Green Waste Disposal & Recycling Shredders

Green waste disposal and green waste recycling ensure a greener planet, especially when the waste is reduced using Shred-Tech® green waste shredders. Green waste, or organic waste as it is sometimes called, can consist of many different materials, including leaves, food, lawn clippings, animal-based materials, and more. Most of these items and products take up a great deal of landfill space where they will rot and produce dangerous amounts of methane. Instead, green waste processing can be achieved with the help of Shred-Tech®’s powerful shredder machines. These shredders play an important role in the processing system as they prepare the materials for the next step. Shredding these materials can effectively reduce the volume of wasted green materials that covers the landfills and transform them for a more useful purpose, such as compost or bio-gas. Shred-Tech® offers both mobile shredders and stationary shredders that are engineered with the kind of power that is required to fully shred through those materials.

Sub Categories


Biomass Recycling

Our shredders also work with biomass recycling in addition to green waste recycling. Biomass is mainly plant or animal material that can be used for a variety of purposes, including energy and heat production. The chemical energy trapped inside these materials can be converted into a renewable biomass energy. In order to obtain this energy, the material must be processed and shredded down to the right size for further processing. Our collection of mobile and stationary shredder machines is designed to make the process much easier and faster with low fuel consumption. They can cut the material right down to the appropriate size, preparing the biomass for energy conversion.

Green Waste Disposal with Mobile Shredders

Green waste disposal in bulk is much easier with the help of these mobile shredders. Our collection of Pronar mobile shredders is the ideal choice when working in landfills and dealing with significant piles of organic waste. These heavy-duty shredder machines are equipped with solid knives that are able to easily shred through many different types of green materials, and they offer customizable programs so that you are prepared to handle a variety of applications and throughputs. These shredders are built on tracks so that they can move around on the jobsite, making them one of the most versatile and maneuverable options that we have available. You can easily transport this industrial-strength shredder from waste pile to waste pile, allowing you to save on time and cover more ground. With these Pronar mobile shredders, you can cut on green waste volume by as much as 75%.

Green Waste Disposal with Stationary Shredders

When disposing of green waste, we recommend that you rely on the powerful shredding strength of our ST-400 Stationary Shredder. This solid shredder machine is capable of handling nearly any type of material, including green waste. It is one of our largest models available, boasting a heavy-duty throughput of up to 3 tons per hour. It can handle the bulky loads with much greater efficiency, allowing you to get a lot of shredding done in a day.