Shred-Tech Lockbox-RC-19 Collection Truck

  • Non-CDL in most states; 19,500 lbs. GVW
  • Compact cab-over chassis design
  • Side unloading via automatic walking floor
  • Standard rear loading at ground and dock height with dual control panels
  • Eliminates the need to swap bins at the customer’s site
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Shred-Tech Lockbox-RC-19 Collection Truck

The Shred-Tech® Lockbox-RC-19 is an excellent way to continue to scale and grow your business so that you can maintain a top position in this competitive industry of data collection and destruction. This compact and versatile vehicle is the ideal choice for expanding your business into more urban territory. It is much easier to maneuver this collection truck through the tight and narrow streets within the city, allowing you to perform more on-site collections and establish a broader customer base. Additionally, this truck is non-CDL, so it’s the perfect entry-level option for your company. Because of this, the Lockbox-RC-19 Collection Truck is the right choice for growing your company through diversification.

The Lockbox-RC-19 is engineered with a 19,500 lb. chassis GVW with a legal payload of up to 7,000 lbs. for optimal holding capabilities. This allows you to visit more customer sites without the need to make frequent stops to unload at the facility. Time can be spent more productively generating revenue for your business. Please note that the legal payload capacity is an estimate based on chassis GVWR only. Actual payload can vary depending on many factors including paper type, weather conditions, and system maintenance. Shred-Tech® does not guarantee payload results.


The Lockbox-RC-19 can be used for the following applications:

Standard Features for the Lockbox-RC-19

The Lockbox-RC-19 is a high-quality collection truck that offers a variety of standard features that work together to ensure that it is operating at optimal capacity. It operates with an LCD monitor, which is conveniently located on the control panel. It allows for constant payload monitoring. The bins are easily loaded at curb-level or dock height utilizing convenient and rugged hydraulic control levers. Unloading the vehicle is extremely simple with its handy automatic walking floor. This combination of loading and unloading makes our collection truck a versatile and efficient option for your fleet. The collection truck also features a handy storage compartment that lets you store your standard industrial bins or any leftover file boxes.


The Lockbox-RC-19 Collection Truck is equipped with our proprietary and patented Gripper Tipper®. This loading system is more than capable of handling all bin types, including 64- and 96-gallon containers with a “One Step” operation. The truck features multiple tipping locations, which allow for tipping up to three bins in 15 seconds. The entire loading process from the ground level takes just nine seconds and only seven seconds from dock height. Now you can spend less time unloading and more time generating revenue with a quick and easy walking floor feature. This truck is designed for rear loading, making it the ideal choice for operating on narrow streets in an urban setting.

Auto Unloading

This model features a walking floor for quick and easy unloading. When maximum capacity is reached, the operator simply activates the active floor and is back on route in minutes. Less time unloading equates to more time visiting clients’ sites. The side-mounted walking floor on this model unloads from the driver’s side of the vehicle when maximum capacity is reached. The operator turns on the walking floor and unloading begins onto the ground and is finished within just a few minutes, allowing your driver to get back onto the road and visit more customer sites.

Layout & Controls

Everything you need to control the Lockbox-RC-19’s loading and unloading systems is located on the user-friendly control panel. This panel features an LCD monitor for constant payload monitoring so that you can are fully aware of what’s going on in there. The system utilizes convenient and rugged hydraulic control levers to load the bins at curb-level. For greater versatility, the collection truck can be loaded from both ground level and dock height using the dock bridge, and each height features its own control panel for easier accessibility.

Optional Accessories for the Lockbox-RC-19

The Lockbox-RC-19 is the ideal entry-level collection truck that is built by our expert engineers to provide optimized performance. We also have a variety of optional accessories available that are designed to help increase the performance of the truck to make the job so much more manageable for your workers. These accessories include gaylord loading, a back-up camera, and a handy bin tipper adapter. For more information on what other types of high-quality and reliable optional accessories we have available for the Lockbox-RC-19, you can easily contact the Shred-Tech® sales team to learn more.

Gaylord Loading

With the addition of a gaylord, you can accomplish bulk loading with greater versatility and efficiency. If you do not have a ground pit conveyor to unload using the walking floor, you can use a forklift to unload the gaylord instead. This bulk loading bin can be dumped using a specialized tipper, which lets you deposit the bin’s contents right into the shredder for complete and effective destruction.

Back-Up Camera

For an increase in security, we offer the high-quality Back-Up Camera as an optional accessory for the Lockbox-RC-19. This camera gives the driver a clear view from the rear of the truck, allowing the driver to backup the heavy-duty collection truck with better visibility. This offers greater safety when operating our vehicle. It is housed within a stainless-steel guard that protects the camera from impact and corrosion.

Bin Tipper Adapter

Our reliable Lockbox-RC-19 is designed to load 64-gallon and 96-gallon industrial standard container bins, but we also offer a handy bin tipper adapter that can be included with the collection truck. This adapter can be added right onto the truck so that you can easily load 32-gallon bins as well as the standard ones. This brings a new level of versatility to the vehicle that can help with handling multiple different jobs.